[NetBehaviour] The General Election

James Morris james at jwm-art.net
Sat May 9 00:36:27 CEST 2015

Edward said: "If Labour had said 'We're going to look after the most 
vulnerable members of society properly, and if that means putting taxes 
up, we'll put taxes up' then probably they still wouldn't have won - 
given the overwhelmingly right-wing slant of most press coverage, not to 
mention Milliband's extreme lack of charisma as a leader - but at least 
we would have had a genuine alternative to vote for. I voted Green."

an overwhelmingly right-wing slant of the media, and an overwhelmingly 
unsympathetic population. some of the shit i hear coming out of peoples 
mouths is utterly depressing - the self righteous [anti-racists amongst 
others] swap one set of prejudices for another.

i voted green even though i expected if i told anyone i'd be informed it 
was a wasted vote, or laughed at/sneered at/looked-down-a-nose-at, by 
people in my life. some people say who you vote for isn't meant to be 
talked about. sometimes think i should grow the balls to say i voted 
green, but have played it safe so far.

a wasted vote is a tactical vote for one party you don't want to vote 
for to prevent another party you don't want to vote for, imo.

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