[NetBehaviour] music evolution pop style - 0 stop, 1 stomp & non flop?

if aha at aharonic.net
Sat May 9 08:20:16 CEST 2015


A pre to post elections Blues?

Here's a possibly elections unrelated study of pop music , circa last  
60 years - and its evolution. All with nice graphs and methodical  
analysis and all:

Is this science? Is it falsifiable? Is it repeatable even if one asks  
other questions & using Other categories? Indeed, what if 0 categories  
are used? How is this study questioning its own methodologies? Its own  
graphs? What if this study was applied to non, or less, popular beats?

Or, the elections can come back hauntingly -
is this kind of study, which celebrates hindsighting as a cultural  
practice, is a de-facto conservative process, no?

Have much weekendish fun!



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