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Sat May 9 16:27:57 CEST 2015

does britain still have a first-past-the-post voting system? that means
it's always going to be an either-or situation, the lesser of 2 evils.
since nz adopted a proportional representation system in 1996, numerous
small parties have had representation in parliament & currently the
green party is the third largest with just over 10% (equating to 14
seats in parliament).

the nz system isn't perfect, & we also experienced a similar shock in
the election last year when the sitting neoliberals cruised back in
(this was before ponytailgate ... !!!), but at least we have a growing &
viable green party to vote for, with some really good green MPs.

h : )

On 9/05/15 12:36 27AM, James Morris wrote:
> Edward said: "If Labour had said 'We're going to look after the most
> vulnerable members of society properly, and if that means putting
> taxes up, we'll put taxes up' then probably they still wouldn't have
> won - given the overwhelmingly right-wing slant of most press
> coverage, not to mention Milliband's extreme lack of charisma as a
> leader - but at least we would have had a genuine alternative to vote
> for. I voted Green."
> an overwhelmingly right-wing slant of the media, and an overwhelmingly
> unsympathetic population. some of the shit i hear coming out of
> peoples mouths is utterly depressing - the self righteous
> [anti-racists amongst others] swap one set of prejudices for another.
> i voted green even though i expected if i told anyone i'd be informed
> it was a wasted vote, or laughed at/sneered at/looked-down-a-nose-at,
> by people in my life. some people say who you vote for isn't meant to
> be talked about. sometimes think i should grow the balls to say i
> voted green, but have played it safe so far.
> a wasted vote is a tactical vote for one party you don't want to vote
> for to prevent another party you don't want to vote for, imo.
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