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yes - we are still 1st past post, most votes are better as paper  
planes, kind of electoral sequences.

the "greens".. i live in the constituency of the 1st, only and ever  
more popular - locally it seems - green mp. (she cares not for art &  
culture unless its entertaining..)

Being green here in the uk is, imho, a bit like an environmentally  
romantique Tory of the 19th century. A strong sense of moral duty and  
care for the perceived "natural" while looking for ideologically  
inspired solution within paradigms of power and capital. Indeed, if  
the local elections are any indication to varify/falsify that  
green-tory lineage, i noticed that when greens came to rule in  
brighton, they did it via wards that were previously tory held. Ex  
Cons found it rather easy to switch into greens than Labour's voters..
Also, local green head honcho, while sporting a cool sounding name  
"kitkat" - is, in my view, a blairite at heart. eg - spreading tall  
tales about local refuse cleaners' wage demands..

...but am digressing...

I think point re voting and general elections, might be that in fact  
they are just to do with card deck re-arrangements. Civic processes  
from attempts to have a fearless yet melancholic life - is on going  
regardless of any electoral outcome. No?




Quoting helen varley jamieson <helen at creative-catalyst.com>:

> does britain still have a first-past-the-post voting system? that means
> it's always going to be an either-or situation, the lesser of 2 evils.
> since nz adopted a proportional representation system in 1996, numerous
> small parties have had representation in parliament & currently the
> green party is the third largest with just over 10% (equating to 14
> seats in parliament).
> the nz system isn't perfect, & we also experienced a similar shock in
> the election last year when the sitting neoliberals cruised back in
> (this was before ponytailgate ... !!!), but at least we have a growing &
> viable green party to vote for, with some really good green MPs.
> h : )
> On 9/05/15 12:36 27AM, James Morris wrote:
>> Edward said: "If Labour had said 'We're going to look after the most
>> vulnerable members of society properly, and if that means putting
>> taxes up, we'll put taxes up' then probably they still wouldn't have
>> won - given the overwhelmingly right-wing slant of most press
>> coverage, not to mention Milliband's extreme lack of charisma as a
>> leader - but at least we would have had a genuine alternative to vote
>> for. I voted Green."
>> an overwhelmingly right-wing slant of the media, and an overwhelmingly
>> unsympathetic population. some of the shit i hear coming out of
>> peoples mouths is utterly depressing - the self righteous
>> [anti-racists amongst others] swap one set of prejudices for another.
>> i voted green even though i expected if i told anyone i'd be informed
>> it was a wasted vote, or laughed at/sneered at/looked-down-a-nose-at,
>> by people in my life. some people say who you vote for isn't meant to
>> be talked about. sometimes think i should grow the balls to say i
>> voted green, but have played it safe so far.
>> a wasted vote is a tactical vote for one party you don't want to vote
>> for to prevent another party you don't want to vote for, imo.
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