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looks interesting :)

On 10/05/15 5:04 36PM, Anna Spencer wrote:
> Hi there,
> If anyone is interested in looking at a new initiative to consider how the internet can be used as a participatory framework for building a political party, have a look at the experimental Populace that I am involved in setting up. It is set up to deal with one issue - widening inequality in the UK - although of course the answers will no doubt be multifarious. 
> There are monthly online debates to discuss and debate policy proposals and crowdsourced research. Currently these are using off the peg software whilst we build our own software.
> Obviously this mailing list isn't a political one, but I thought that the members may simply be interested to see how this experiment is seeking to use the internet to create and collaborate, which seems to be what Net Behaviour is about also.
> If you are interested please go to www.wearepopulace.uk and you can join the debate though the link on there. The website and debate only went up on Friday 8th and this is very much a work in progress, so any feedback very welcome. The first debate is on candidate policy - how do we ensure that the representatives in parliament are there to reduce inequality rather than for their own purposes.
> Have a look!
> Anna 
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