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The Aesthetics of Erasure

Against the backdrop of a longstanding practice of ‘erasure’ both in
artistic and critical work, co-guest editors Paul Benzon and Sarah Sweeney
take up challenging questions related to the aesthetics of erasure today in
the digital era. They investigate new meanings and the relevance of said
practice within twenty-first century contemporary contexts typically
defined by digital knowledge production, preservation, and sharing.

With a number of tantalizing questions in mind, the guest editors have
assembled texts and visual essays by fourteen authors: Joshua Craze; Seth
Ellis; Kaja Marczewska; Justin Berry; David Gyscek; Derek Beaulieu;
Amaranth Borsuk, Jesper Juul, and Nick Montfort; Torsa Ghosal; William
Basinski; Ella Klik and Diana Kamin; and Matthew Schilleman. Their
contributions give expression to five sites of inquiry mapped by the
editors within the expansive practice of erasure – Power, Capital, Signal
and Noise, Technology and Archive – a topography in which issues of
technology and materiality are explored.

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