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Dear list

Sorry for any cross-post. I am glad to share some of this week's event at the London Music Hackspace:

Mobile Audio Hackers Meetup, Wed 13 May
The Mobile Audio Hackers night meets on Wednesday 13th from 7pm at Music Hackspace (Container Ville ) to share knowledge, tips and tricks about coding audio on mobile devices (smartphones and tablets) of all persuasions. Potential topics include real-time synthesis, streaming audio, multipeer connectivity, Pd integration, and third party frameworks, with possible applications in live improv, arts projects, and game development, etc.

In this second meeting of the group, sound artist and researcher Ximena Alarcón will lead a participatory discussion of her recent and extensive survey of ‘performative’ audio apps. What are the different approaches taken, and what works best? We’ll test some apps during the discussion, and you’ll be welcome to introduce us to any that you know. Meetup organiser Ron Herrema will also briefly report on his exploration of Apple’s new AVAudioEngine framework. Entrance is free.

Open Evening, Thurs 14 May 14
Bring your projects, work in progress and prototypes to demo in a casual environment, find collaborators and other solutions for projects. Entrance is free.

Rebel Technology Modular Synth Workshop, Sat 16 May
Places available! 

Build your own Rebel Technology synthesizer modules at the Music Hackspace! We are pleased to present a workshop in Eurorack module building by London-based manufacturer Rebel Technology.
You don’t have to have previous experience with soldering or electronics, we will be there throughout to help you with any difficulties. Over the course of the day we will guide you through the construction of a module of your choice, explain how it works and help you with any assembly problems you might have.The modules on offer are easy to build. They include all electrical components and other parts, and come with professionally made front panels and PCBs. 
There is no fee for the workshop, you only pay for the kits that you want to build.

You can choose between some of Rebel’s most popular modules:

Stoicheia : Euclidean beat sequencer
Logoi : voltage controlled clock delay and divider (swing / shuffle)
Klasmata : voltage controlled beat sequencer

These modules are great for turning a clock signal into a compelling and musical beat pattern. They are designed to complement each other, but each one functions perfectly well on its own and in combination with other modules.
If you are comfortable building kits and have good soldering experience then you will be able to build more than one. All our modules are open source: hardware and firmware. This means they’re endlessly customisable! If you are interested in microcontroller programming then we can help you modify the code. The panels are reversible, which means that you can draw your own design if you like. 

More information about the modules can be found here: http://www.rebeltech.org/modules/

Please book your place via: workshops at musichackspace.org

Contact details:
Music Hackspace
Unit 15, Container Ville. 5-10 Corbridge Crescent. London E2 9DS
workshops at musichackspace.org
Twitter: https://twitter.com/musichackspace
Website: http://musichackspace.org/
Check-out what's on: http://musichackspace.org/whatson/

Best wishes

Susanna Garcia
Twitter: https://twitter.com/sus_mtf
LinkedIn: https://uk.linkedin.com/in/garciasusanna

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