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Alan Sondheim sondheim at panix.com
Fri May 15 05:52:22 CEST 2015

Surge no-purpose music


[:] there's nothing useful
[:] there's nothing that can be used for anything
[:] you can start off here with earth
[:] then there are form and limitations and
you can write Earth and not earth
[:] you can write earth
[:] when you write earth, then there are things of forms
and limits and there are many of them
[:] when there are many of them, they have organs
[:] they have blood and they make sea and land
[:] they make flesh and bone and they make energy
[:] they use energy to make energy
[:] limitations collapse into perfect compression
[:] compression is the beginning of atom
[:] compression is the beginning of world
[:] world forgets time and space
[:] there is no purpose and no purpose is the bone of
time and space
[:] no purpose is the making of time and space
[:] there is no other making
[:] one begins and ends with origins
[:] origins are beginnings and endings
[:] listen to origins and observe beginnings and endings
[:] nothing can be performed
[:] nothing can be made to start and transform into
[:] action is never a performance
[:] to perform is to stand still
[:] to perform is to die
[:] act without purpose without limitations
[:] act without beginnings and ends
[:] act without formation of Earth and earth
[:] to act SUCH is to act
[:] to act is to transform into space and into time
[:] to transform into space and into time is to SURGE
[:] to SURGE is SUCH
[:] to SURGE
[:] SURGE is music
[:] SURGE is musical art and the art of music
[:] MUSIC is present only when it is absent
[:] when it is absent there is space and time
[:] when it is absent SPACE and TIME disappear
[:] without demarcation, without the MARK
[:] SPACE and TIME are non-existent
[:] one becomes space and time
[:] one becomes unmarked
[:] UNMARKED one is transformed
[:] into pure ONTOLOGY
[:] when one is transformed
[:] then music begins
[:] when there is a listener there is no MUSIC
[:] when there is a player there is no MUSIC
[:] MUSIC played is not MUSIC
[:] one one is present, there is no MUSIC
[:] when there is ONE there is NOTHING
[:] when there is NOTHING there is neither space nor time
[:] nothing is SORTED-OUT
[:] there is no SORTING because there is no DEMARCATION
and there is no MARKER


see The Bamboo Texts of Guodian II, Thicket of Sayings I,
Cornell, trans. Scott Cook

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