[NetBehaviour] two new playdamages

Randall Packer rpacker at zakros.com
Tue May 19 16:46:33 CEST 2015

Curt, my response would be for net artists to build their own guggenheims
of monumentality that can only be served by the network. I don¹t think the
networked aspirations begun in the 1990s have yet to be completed!

On 5/14/15, 12:27 AM, "curt at lab404.com" <curt at lab404.com> wrote:

>Thanks Randall,
>I have a (pipe) dream that before I die I will get a playdamage show at
>the guggenheim, with 100+ monitors and directional speakers going all the
>way up, one for each playdamage.
>During the show in the atrium I will do an on-site residency for a month
>where I am there all day long making 1 playdamage per day, and each day
>the new one gets added to the wall and the web site.
>Since that¹s not going to happen, maybe it will have to happen in a less
>rarified space with fewer hardware requirements. Or the usual way >> at
>my house + online.
>There is a thing that started in chicago called ³no media² which is like
>improvisational audio/video live performance, but without any software or
>settings prepared. So you build your performance on the fly. Also
>related, I like this show (
>inckx-Chicago-Studies-Les-etants-donnes.56.html ) where she just makes
>her installations from materials available in the museum offices. So I
>like the idea of a site-specific process constraint where you wouldn¹t
>use any source material from the internet or come with any source
>material prepared on your hard drive; all your a/v source materials would
>have to be captured from your physical production space, or generated on
>your machine, and then of course further modulated in the machine, to
>ultimately arrive on the wall/network.
>The video source for the two playdamages below is cell phone video of our
>upstairs bathroom wall with shadows through the window of distant
>bradford pear trees blowing in the wind at dusk. And both audios are from
>the same Yes song.
>Best from Asheville,
>On May 13, 2015, at 8:29 AM, Randall Packer <rpacker at zakros.com> wrote:
>> Hi Curt, I love your playdamage works. Keep them coming, do one a day,
>> damage control here!
>> All best,
>> Randall
>> On 5/13/15, 12:34 PM, "curt at lab404.com" <curt at lab404.com> wrote:
>>> http://playdamage.org/109.html
>>> http://playdamage.org/108.html
>>> love,
>>> curt
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