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roboslob robots_have_no_fun at it-all.com
Wed May 20 03:44:35 CEST 2015

possibly somewhat related.

linked in seems good for marketers mainly.

great question about the art/life split. i'm for making money 
separately, being as artistic as possible while doing so, and making art 
as a hobby. but that may change tomorrow, depending on what i smoke.

On 1/5/2015 3:54 PM, dave miller wrote:
> I've been updating LinkedIn over the past few days, looking for work.
> With LinkedIn I struggle with balancing commercial jobs and my art 
> career. I seem to be using my art skills to try to get jobs that may 
> require creativity, but it's an uneasy and unhappy mix. It also feels 
> dishonest, as if I'm somehow in denial about how important my art is 
> to me.
> Maybe the problem is me - I've done both commercial work and art and 
> have always found that the two don't go happily or neatly together, 
> though in theory they should as I am trying to find work in the 
> creative industries. Though the political art definitely doesn't fit 
> on a regular CV, so I hide this.
> I just don't think LinkedIn serves the needs of artists. Or academic 
> research/ funding.
> But i might be wrong and just not doing things right?
> Are artists using LinkedIn? Or are they using something else? Should 
> there be a LinkedIn for artists? Is there a gap in the market? Artists 
> and researchers looking for opportunities/ funding?
> Trouble with this way of thinking is I don't like the split life  - 
> work and art - and having to keep them separate. Is it unavoidable?
> Would be good to know how others present themselves as artists/ 
> workers / researchers
> thanks dave
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