[NetBehaviour] concert/seminar event May 26, “Synaesthesia, Performance, Immersive Atmospheres”

Johannes Birringer Johannes.Birringer at brunel.ac.uk
Thu May 21 14:05:23 CEST 2015

dear all
on behalf of the DAP-Lab and the Center for Contemporary and Digital Performance,
I like  to invite you to a special research-concert:

Tuesday, May 26,  2015
Artaud Performance Ctr, Brunel University London

16:oo – 18:oo  Seminar
  “Synaesthesia, Performance, Immersive Atmospheres”

A conversation between Noam Sagiv, Sérgio Basbaum, Oded Ben-Tal, Diana Salazar, Maria Salgado, Gordana Novakovic, and Arthur I. Miller (author of "Colliding Worlds"),
moderated by Johannes Birringer, and focusing on new interdisciplinary research perspectives that link psychology, sci-art, architecture & the performing arts

19:oo- 21:30  Concert

Mitslalim (video) by Oded Ben-Tal, Rees Archibald, Caroline Wilkins
14AB2   (audiovisual composition) by Phil Maguire

PANTHAREI Live Cinema Combo
(Sérgio Basbaum + guests)
Pantharei, our special guests from São Paulo (Brasil), creates synesthetic performance work on sound and image, as well as theoretical work related to their creative process, concerning poetic, aesthetic, conceptual and technical issues.

Metaphors of Space and of Time: (i) Points (ii) Surface (iii) Lines (iv) volume
Composer: Oded Ben-Tal
Performer: Torbjorn Hultmark, soprano trombone & electronics

Becoming Human
Composed and performed by Pernille Ruebner-Petersen

Corporeal Inscription
Maria Salgado (choreographer/performer) and Diana Salazar (composer)

Admission: Open to All

Johannes Birringer

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