[NetBehaviour] Why I love to play music.

Alan Sondheim sondheim at panix.com
Sun May 24 05:45:57 CEST 2015

Why I love to play music.


1. I can.
2. I'm good at it.
3. It's good exercise.
4. It fills me with wonder.
5. Time slows up.
6. My lungs strengthen.
7. I don't have to listen to the street.
8. My depression lightens.
9. I tend to something besides me.
10. I pretend to do new things.
11. I pretend to explore new structures.
12. It puts me in a 'zone.'
13. My tinnitus is forgotten.
14. I communicate to someone else.
15. I train my ear.
16. I don't think about anything.
17. My hands and fingers grow stronger.
18. My hands and fingers grow quicker.
19. The music pushes me.
20. I inhabit a world of comfortable discomfort.
21. I go to the limit of my ability.
22. I explore microhistories around me.
23. My instruments present an anthropology.
24. I both silence and open myself.
25. I dwell in the world.
26. Neurosis recedes.
27. I am aware of sound in time.
28. I'm always surprised by where I am.
29. I do something I'm not trained to do.
30. I burn calories of creativity.
31. Music is the body's interiority.
32. Later theorizing is crystalline and clear.
33. Enlightenment is slowly approached.
34. I hear my singing voice (I cannot sing).
35. I don't have to worry about someone else's rhythm.
36. I trust my instruments for perfect playing.
37. Wood and metal, reed and nylon, greet me.
38. I can do something others can't.
39. It's the only sport I'm good at.
40. Practice and creation become one.
41. I become one with objects and dynamics.
42. I become one with sound and movement.
43. I become one with breath and physical reach.
44. I become sound and I become.
45. I dwell in becoming.
46. I sound and I dwell in sounding.
47. I dialog with and tend to my instruments.
48. Temperature, pressure, and humidity control me.
49. My control is given as a gift.
50. I am in a state of furious peace.
51. My speed is a positive, not a liability.
52. I explore untoward structures.
53. I inhabit these structure and extend them.
54. The world is sounding and amazing.
55. I will return to the world enriched.
56. I can listen to the world and what I have made.
57. I can listen to the making of the world.
58. I can listen to the world making me.
59. I can do something well and can do good.
60. My daemons momentarily disappear.
61. My daemons momentarily return.
62. My music is a gift for the people I love.
63. My music is uncanny.
64. I don't have to worry about tonic return.
65. The return to the world is never the same.
66. I inhabit an inconceivable sonic architecture.
67. I commune with others who commune with me.
68. I am part of a sonic world of friends.
69. Time stops and I am still alive.
70. I will leave something behind when I die.
71. I will leave gifts and dwellings for others.
72. And I will never have to worry about tonic return.

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