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A few Notes from degeneracy:


* Given activities that celebrate degenerativity historically,  
culturally and visually -
eg check http://degeneracy.5p.lt/lin.ks%3f
- I think that it should be mentioned that This instance of the  
degenerate term, is with Being the Sense of degenerative operations  
and operators. The aesthetics of degenerativeness, rather than visual,  
aural, or cultural perceptions of degeneration with its attached  
meanings. (see lin.ks? document)
Perhaps it will also be worth while to mention the link with anti-generation?
Anti being Against any kind of generative activities. De-generative  
links with anti only via the generative connection, not in terms of  
activities and practices. The degenerative is Pro generational  
movements. Indeed, I think degenerationality allows the generational  
to Be. In a sense, generational activities and processes can be  
defined as degenerational activities waiting to happen.
Sure, generational processes can define degeneration through  
activities yet to degenerate. However, once degenerated, they become  
something Other than generational. The activities expose unknown, yet  
to be confabulated operations and elements, which, by definition, go  
beyond the confines of generational movements.
(In the sense that generational is to do with generating stuff from  
Pre-Existed, pre-known sequences. For a generational process to gain  
elements yet to be in that sequence, it needs to stop, add some other  
element/s, via non generative manner, and then continue. Hence the  
degenerative here is A manner, A way that by being eroding stuff  
suggest elements which at the very least question the generational  

* 19th century European perception of degenerate processes and art in  
particular, seem to have been based on the health metaphorical paradigm.
ie Since the body seems to degenerate over time, and indeed we get  
some physical sequences which restrict, cause pain and discomfort via  
bodily degenerational processes - there is a Negative prejudice re  
activities that seem, or can be tagged as negative to the intended, or  
wished for, movement/process - hence degenerative.

* Indeed, Nazis are fairly well known to have used the cultural  
correlationist interpretation of degenerative, and tags art-linked and  
cultural activities that gained their disapproval - degenerate. As  
much as I despise Nazis and other authoritarians of all sorts - this  
search practice from the sense of degenerativity, is not linked to the  
history of perceiving culture as an authoritarian - eg designating a  
degenerate tag to X stuff. Nor is it linked directly to what and how  
Nazis and their fellow ideologues refer to as "degenerate"

* The degenerate approach here has a few elements linked by their  
aesthetics, yet offer various trajectories of degenerative movements:
>> The mutual degeneration of wheels and the surfaces they pass over.
> The Propulsion of the movements - eg skateboard over surfaces - by  
> degenerating shoe surfaces.
>> The making of degenerational If searches~.
> The sharing of making If searches and the sounds generated by the  
> degenerational movements, via instruments powered by degenerating  
> batteries. In that sense the time is limited by how long the tools  
> will operate.
>> The usage of degenerational If searches to question the interval  
>> links between generational and degenerational as aesthetics of  
>> degeneracy.
> The sounds that are to be generated via the de-generational frictions.
>> The degenerational Operator that link in frictive qualities. Each  
>> such quality might offer a way for degeneration different to one  
>> another.

* Degenerate enables generation as well as its seeming opposite of  
re-generation. Re-Generational is, in this sense an attempt to  
re-activate something that used to be. Be it an animal, a behaviour,  
an urban patch, etc. The re-generative activity, be it an attempt to  
re activate an exact copy as an animal or a cultural, even moral,  
behaviour, or a more general sense of usage - as in a forgotten urban  
environment - is degenerational precisely from the fact that given  
evolutionary processes, the  attempt to re-generate is ultimately to  
In the sense of failed re-generationalistic activities, the binary  
link/difference with de-generationality is via the focus on Power.  
Re-Generation, unlike reviving (eg a plant), is to do with a direct  
activity that requires a will-to-power sequence for being. However,  
degeneration requires the spontaneous - or seemingly spontaneous -  
processes that operate evolutionary, for being a de-generational sense.

* Degeneration as double de-generational dimensions that make it  
itself. The obvious of being undone into other that is unable, or need  
not, generate. And that very being, what was made through  
de-generational processes, having to be doomed to live with constant  
ongoing processes that make it how it is and slowly un-coming and yet  
becoming a link to some other, possible being - but most likely a dead  

* De-generational Operators might seem via a quantitative mind to be  
de-constructive. As if we have a structure, a process, a sequence,  
that is being de-constructed into its constitutive elements. However,  
it seems that the degenerative practice(*_*) is made of elements that  
slowly link, morph, and turn into intervals from and other than their  
previous distinctiveness - and indeed open to stop being and then, in  
a sense, Generate a process of deconstruction via the very being Dead.
(*_*)"practice" here comes as a question regarding processes that are  
spontaneous, self directed, negotiated, or some mix of these. ie it  
might be that the degenerative Is of a will from its own (eg Smolin's  
idea of "laws of nature").

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