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Polytechnic museum ipresents a workshop “The body as antenna” by Pascale Pollier-Green within Polytech.Science.Art program

November, 17-20 within the program of Polytechnic museum  «Polytech.Science.Art» a workshop by Pascale Pollier-Green “The body as antenna” will be held in the Museum of contemporary art “Garage”

The workshop “The body as antenna” is dedicated to connection of modern anatomy and biology, art and technologies. During the four days participants of the workshop will discuss a wide scientific and historical context that forms the basis of artist’s works. New technologies and philosophies, quantum physics, nanotechnology, animatronics are amongst her interest and are important in her work

Pascale Pollier-Green A Belgian national, Pascale studied fine art and Painting in St Lucas art school in Ghent, Belgium, before subsequent postgraduate training with the Medical Artists Association, London UK. Till 2015 she was president and is co-founder of BIOMAB (Biological and Medical Art in Belgium). In 2010 With BIOMAB she was curating and organising exhibitions, dissection drawing classes, collaborative art/science projects, symposiums and conferences. Pascale currently lives and works in London, UK as self-employed artist.

Pascale Pollier-Green: «Through my work I seek to unify theories garnered from research into physics, quantum physics and philosophy, and with continued detailed examination of human anatomy try to substantiate and hopefully expand upon the idea that the body is an incredibly ingenious vibration of consciousness and post mortem is the absence of those vibrations.

The program of the workshop includes film showings,  among which are “Fabrica vitae” and «The seat of intuition»; discussion on the nature of conciousness and 
possibilities of human body; lectures about physics Otto Shumann and Nikola Tesla; practical workshop variations and applications on making a Shumann's resonator. 

The workshop «The body as antenna» will extend for four days –November, 17-20. 
The key requirement to the participants is interest to science and technology art, availability for working in interdisciplinary projects. 

To become a participant of the workshop it is necessary to pass registration and write motivation letter in English. Deadline is 2015 November, 12. The list of succeed participants will be published November, 13. They will attend the workshop for free. The number of participants is limited to 10 people.

Workshop registration link – https://polytech.timepad.ru/event/259457/
Lecture registration link – https://polytech.timepad.ru/event/259490

Requirements for participants:
fluent English
full time participation in 4 days of the workshop
personal laptop for the work during workshop

Curator: Natalia Fuchs, art historian (MediaArtHistories, Donau Universitаt) and specialist in cultural management (Cultural Management, University of Manchester). Curator of interdisciplinary projects and “Polytech.Science.Art” program of Polytechnic Museum. 

2015 November, 17–20, wednesday-friday, 12:00–19:00*
*Participation in the workshop is only possible for succeed applicants. 
2015 November, 20, 20.00** — Open lecture by  Pascale Pollier-Green "The body as an antenna: transmitting, receiving , resonating"

**Entrance is free on condition of pre-registration 
More information – https://polymus.ru/eng/current_projects/psa.html

My warmest regards from Moscow,
Natalia Fuchs / Наталья Фукс

Interdisciplinary Projects Curator / Куратор

Polytechnic Museum, Moscow, Russia
Cell: +79104320152
Email: nvfuchs at polymus.ru; nfuchs at artypical.com
Web: http://www.polymus.ru

Polytech.Science.Art: Наука.Искусство.Технологии http://psa.polymus.ru; http://www.facebook.com/polytechscienceart
Electronic Livingroom / Электронная гостиная Политехнического музея
http://eroom.polymus.ru; http://www.facebook.com/electroniclivingroom

ARTYPICAL : talents&thoughts practice : www.artypical.com

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