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Sun Nov 1 17:24:58 CET 2015

Hi all,

Some time ago we discussed the relation between furtherfield on the
"ground"  and this mailinglist. Personnally I wanted to be closer, to know
more of what and how things happened in the park, so I could have a better
understanding of how ideas developped by a former mostly online community
translate in a venue in a public park.
At that moment I also volunteered to introduce someone new, someone not
familiar with this mailinglist.

I know Paula Crutchlow from Remote Encounters in Cardiff in 2013, where she
presented *Makeshift* an online performance project she did with Helen
Varley Jamieson.
Now she is participating in Furtherfield's exhibition *Art Data Money*.
With cultural geographer Ian Cook she presents *The Museum of Contemporary
Commodities* (MoCC). In this project they treat everyday purchases as if
they were our future heritage, says the website.
When I tried to get my head around the project, it made me think of Kate
Rich's *Feral Trade Cafe* exhibition shown by Furtherfield in 2009. The
projects are asking questions about where, what and when you consume and as
in Makeshift also what could be the impact of this consumption on society.
Here the artists ask the visitor, participant (?) to take the viewpoint of
a museum curator. How does this  change the process of thinking about
consumption? Does it? What can "art" reveal about consumption?

Paula, can you please tell us a bit more about what you are showing in the
exhibition? (are there any photos?) Is there some archive (anything that
would make it more lively to me) of the related events : the Walkshop and
or the Commodity Consultation, you organised ?

I hope you can find some time Paula


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