[NetBehaviour] Choose Your Muse Interview: Stanza

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Choose Your Muse Interview: Stanza

Marc Garrett interviews media artist Stanza and asks what inspires him,
personally, artistically and culturally. He's an internationally recognised
artist who has exhibited worldwide since 1984, and shown over 50
exhibitions globally, and is an expert in arts and technology, CCTV, online
networks, touch screens, environmental sensors, and interaction.

Recurring themes throughout his career include the urban landscape,
surveillance culture, privacy and alienation in the city. Stanza is
interested in the patterns we leave behind, and real time networked events,
that are usually re-imagined and sourced for information. He uses multiple
new technologies so to create distances between real time, multi point
perspectives that emphasis a new visual space. The purpose of this is to
communicate feelings and emotions that we encounter daily which impact on
our lives of which are outside of our control.

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