[NetBehaviour] Selling digital art

Rob Myers rob at robmyers.org
Wed Nov 4 03:18:23 CET 2015

On 02/11/15 04:51 AM, Antonio Roberts wrote:
>> Or you can sign prints or provide certificates of authenticity -
> That still goes falls in line with the value being based on scarcity.
> Each of the digital prints is still as authentic as the one before it.


>> You could crowdfund the edition and have the prints as backer
>> rewards at various levels.
> On a separate level I have some problems with crowdfunding
> campaigns. When artists are exchanging making unique art for $10 I
> think it undervalues the artist. (I promise that I don't see problems
> in everything!!!)


>> You could also sell shares in a work/project/edition in return for e.g.
>> sponsorship mentions at shows (like at the end of a crowdfunded movie or
>> book).
> I understand what you mean, and in time I will use crowdfunding as a
> way to fund my general artistic practice, but in this case I want to
> be able to sell physical art in exchange for money money money and
> have the interaction stop there.

so: as there is market demand, you are looking to sell digital art
physically in some way that (quite rightly) does not undervalue your
work and that (also quite rightly) does not seek to impose artificial
scarcity on the work as an extrinsic driver of value?

and: this shouldn't be a flattened or reduced version of the work into
traditional media where it is time- or software-based.

I mean you could sell DVDs / Memory sticks with virtual machines or
videos on and accompanying certificates of authenticity (probably less
ornately than -

You could also sell password access to resources on a server / in an
encrypted torrent.

And then give people instructions to pop it on a tablet, flat panel PC,
or wall-mounted monitor.

Crypto sign things for added now.

None of these need to be limited edition. If people still want something
exclusive and you don't want to restrict the work then I recommend the
dedication/patron/sponsor list approach.

I'm sorry if this is still all totally wide of the mark. :-)

- Rob.

PS -

>> (I've met some of the people from ascribe but don't have any
>> involvement with the project. Other services are available etc.)
> I spoke with them a few months ago as well. In fact, I recommended 
> that they talk to you ;-)

Oh hey thank you! I must chase them up now I think about it. :-)

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