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Roy Stringer Lecture 2015: Brendan Walker

Venue/Location: FACT -- Liverpool

6 November / 4pm - 5.30pm / Screen 2 / £10, booking required

Walker has been named "the world's only Thrill Engineer” by The Times, and
will provoke and entertain in his talk for the day, the Roy Stringer
Memorial Lecture sponsored by Amaze, which will consider the value of
entertainment in relation to the arts.

Walker is the Principal Research Fellow at the University of Nottingham,
Professor of Creative Industries at Middlesex University and a regular
broadcaster, currently appearing as a presenter for BBC Two’s Coast. His
design practice specialises in the creation of tailored emotional
experience, and he has worked with clients as diverse as theme parks to
Durex. Drawing on his huge personal experience working across the creative
industries, he will ask the question: What is Entertainment?

Showcasing a rich feast of his groundbreaking projects that use both old
and new technologies, Walker will present entertainment as an important
catalyst for innovation - with the occasional unexpected outcome. He will
show how, through the appropriation of popular formats, entertainment can
be used to engage audiences with new ideas across TV, theme parks, art
galleries, museums and live performance, and influence the work of future
creative directors and producers.

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