[NetBehaviour] if charcoal period ?

aharon aha at aharonic.net
Thu Nov 5 18:09:06 CET 2015

Hope this finds you well, despite and in-spite of any X positing.

Tomorrow, Friday 6.11, I am beginning a residency at:
Umm el Fahem Gallery.

The residency's process will begin by skateboarding from the airport to
the gallery.
While skateboarding, am going to:
Do sounds linking with contemporary charcoal making with people along the
Record sounds of degenerating charcoals while skateboarding on route to
the gallery.

The usage of charcoal in time and along a space is in connection with a
history of the town Umm el Fahem, where the gallery is at.
The name of the place means, Charcoal's Mother.


There are some notes about ideas to do with the residency on:

The site:
will be updated during and following the residency.

As the way the notes are written might suggest, these are tentative thoughts.
Hopefully these ideas will alter and evolve during the residency, and can
be taken as an invite for other, different notions from people to be
linked with.

Am looking forward to possible exchanges and for sharing occasional updates.


Cheers and have fun!


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