[NetBehaviour] Flee Immediately! Open Call + Crowdfunding

Renee Carmichael renee.carmichael at gmail.com
Fri Nov 6 13:34:57 CET 2015

Hello all,

Flee Immediately! is experimental publication I started in 2010 after
finishing a Masters in Interactive Media at Goldsmiths. After many years
(because of, well, life), I'm finally starting it again. This time though,
each issue will become a digital platform. And the idea is that each of
these platforms will be unique and explore, expose and be critical about
different aspects of design, webpages, codes, and so on. You can find more
information, about the project as a whole, the new open call, and the
crowdfunding campaign below.

In order to get it up and going, and to support the contributors and
programmers, I've launched a Kickstarter campaign. The link talks about
more about what it is and I've even included a personal (and emotional)
update, so have a look. I would appreciate your support! And of course,
feel free to share around.


And then there is the open call. The theme is on Dance and Code /
Technology. I'm excited to see what crazy ideas you all come up with! I've
attached a PDF, but the call can also be found in the link below. Feel free
to share with anyone you think may be interested!


And of course just the new! website: http://www.fleeimmediately.com/

Thanks to all of you!! I look forward to seeing some ideas, thoughts, and
perhaps even some much appreciated support!

Best Wishes,

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