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Hi all,

Images on Flickr for Furtherfield's People’s Magna Carta, at the Frequency
festival. Lincoln 2015.


As part of Frequency Festival of Digital Culture (Lincoln 2015),
Furtherfield presented People’s Magna Carta, a contemporary remixing of the
Magna Carta for the network age.

The Magna Carta remains a symbol of liberty, addressing questions of
censorship, ownership, security, equality before the law, the right to jury
trial, habeas corpus, and regular elections. Its significance is as
relevant as ever when we consider the upheavals of our times.

However, the original charter addressed the relationships and rights of a
powerful few.

Together, residents and visitors to Lincoln updated it to assert and
celebrate new liberties for everyone.

Everybody got involved with 4 days of seriously fun events - street games;
live collaborative writing and drawing events; and walks - that engaged the
historical and social contexts of the Magna Carta, in Lincoln in physical
spaces and via their devices. Through public participation, People’s Magna
Carta expresses new communally identified freedoms (and limits to those
freedoms) in many digital forms that will live online and on our devices
long after the event.
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