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* Cryptobazaar | Cryptobizarre*
*Saturday 21st November, 6 - 10pm *Venue: *The Common House
<http://www.commonhouse.org.uk/>, 5E Punderson's Garden, London.* *E2 9QR*
Nearest tube: *Bethnal Green*

Come to an evening of art and encryption at the Common House. *Autonomous
Tech Fetish* is proud to present a bizarre crypto bazaar, with stalls for
practical encryption skills, Charles Hutchins' new interactive
installation *Please
Touch* and chance to meet the developers of *Freepto*, a secure Linux
operating system.

During this bizarre bazaar you can discuss, share and learn about ways to
protect our data, communications, and experiences from government
surveillance and corporate capture. Different stalls will highlight
specific technologies and encryption practices, allowing us to experiment
with strategies for a digital commons. No prior knowledge or expertise
required! The night will conclude with drinks and merriment.

Common House is wheelchair accessible, but the toilet sadly isn't yet.

You can let us know you're coming via Eventbrite
This event is part of the *AntiUniversity Now *festival weekend. For more
details please visit: http://cargocollective.com/antiuniversity

Further details on participants:

*Freepto: *Freepto is a Linux-based operating system on USB stick that
enables you to use any computer as though it was your own. All your data is
always securely encrypted and saved onto the USB stick. Although focussed
on the needs of activists, Freepto can be used by anyone to tackle mass
digital surveillance without giving up the convenience of a traditional
operating system. Freepto was developed and launched by AvANa, a hackspace
in the Forte Prenestino squatted social centre in Rome. It is backed by
groups fighting for social change in different locations across Europe.

*Please Touch**: *In 2013, NGOs gathered in London to launch the Campaign
to Stop Killer Robots.  Two years later, Dr Kathleen Richardson and Erik
Brilling launched the Campaign Against Sex Robots. This interactive
installation will explore the relationship between the two as well as
examining our own reactions to sex robots against a background of
technologies that are already gendered and sexualised. Please Touch is
instigated by Charles Hutchins, a London-based sound artist, in
collaboration with Jet Moon.

*Autonomous Tech Fetish* probes how digital technology is fetishised and
how it can be re-configured to different needs and desires. We work with
activist groups to affirm their technological autonomy and are committed to
co-education exploring the pitfalls and potentials of technologies without
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