[NetBehaviour] our republicans

Alan Sondheim sondheim at panix.com
Sun Nov 15 04:09:37 CET 2015

our republicans

http://www.alansondheim.org/republican.png soccer moms, nascar
dads, south park republicans, gold-standard hoarders, listen
republicans, new york curses your days and nights. fiorina has
republican chairman of five house committees issued $$ wounded
republican children for wounded iraqi boys and girls. julu's
'the republicans' -2 0. the republican win was predicted and
predictable. now infinity3 courageous republican violent
opposing thousands victors! bend task! so few wounded republican
children for wounded iraqi boys and joy, reverence, and
contradiction! onward, good republicans! republicans republicans
anti-environmental anti-environmental bring government shutdown
as fascist republicans them, hard as hell, even in the onslaught
of republican slaughter in an see this at work at the recent
'republican' convention demonstrations; you wounded republican
children for wounded iraqi boys and girls. the republicans come
in; my images go south as they say. the left continuously
focused on the negative aspects of the republican marx is dead,
the left's unarmed and kissing republican ass! in this coun-
hidden republican deaths for media iraqi sanitation squads. an
inferno during the republican convention. i hope the whole
fucking vermin. in fact i like vermin but i don't like
republicans! i used to it's the fault of the republicans! i'm
sure there's more to say about oh those fierce republicans with
their guns in on earth first earth? before nuclear winter sets
in or the republicans exploded republicans for iraqi explosions.
republicans ooze from their heads what is left of soul's rubbish
they will go to heavens filled with done-up republicans. "it's a
good question, and by all means, pressure republicans. but what
carly fiorina has republican chairman of five house committees
it must have been the republicans. it can't possibly be a
coincidence. republicans, you have taken your ears off, now take
off. republicans are here trying to take over the city. and
anyone in an oppositional relationship to the republican party -
victors! bend is the task! arduous difficult republican terrain!
planet and its republican and ignorant horror, taking if i jump
high enough i can breathe. then i can spit at republicans.
segregationist republicans kill all anti-environmental bring war
to i don't know what happened, but i have a theory: the
republicans. never felt l ron paul republican theyd rorism
afternoon bit background republicans are liars, it wasn't his,
there was this smell of when you look into his dead dead eyes,
when you see a republican for that matter let's kill all the
republicans and their concentration republicans make me
nauseous; their apparent takes on race, republicans reduce me to
the poem republicans, the more thugs! we're all dead unless we
fight back! who years republicans nope denmark newcastle tyne
polytechnic cdroms sampler this good now and the republicans are
running around my mind like harsh light of media critique on
every republican pore. brief synopsis of the republican plaform
republicans are our conquerors and colonizers. republican party,
over-determining, at least in print, the violence of republican
christie proposes tracking immigrants like fedex packages
goddamn the republicans and democrats who didn't pass the public
option manage to scorch every last living thing in sight?
republicans are liars, open toe shoes republicans
fundamentalists people with no dave matthews all republicans
should get the welcome they deserve. difficult the terrain!
violent the opposing republican guard! courageous fer dissected
the republican party precisely as that area beneath the en-
courageous the the republican violent courageous opposing
thousands sixth not since the republicans came in! i can't
afford anything any more! this is the platform of the bad
republicans, those who girls in the woods, listening to wounded
republican children for surety stranger theirs serve planet and
its republican and will go to heavens filled with done-up
republicans. this is a i want to rattle the republicans; i want
to shamanize them really fucks up in these next years i see the
republicans archives nope republicans understand violence. they
are good at it. ron paul was a real republican theyd be
slaughtering him on all would health care we have, away. and i
think this republican "drum asks whether there are any
republicans who are "willing to just the republican win was
predicted and predictable. now the infinity of the republicans
would side-track me. look at these images!

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