[NetBehaviour] Freedom of Information Description Full Disclosure

Alan Sondheim sondheim at panix.com
Wed Nov 18 02:48:07 CET 2015

Freedom of Information Description Full Disclosure


Literary Review Ray Kurzweil The Onion Movie ONE Campaign
Provincetown, Massachusetts Music school Freedonia National
Parks Conservation Association Experimental music Cooperative
Arid Computing Kathryn Bigelow CREDO Mobile World Wide Fund for
Nature New Adventures Kernel.org School of the Art Institute of
Chicago Internet art Ginger Frequency Save the Manatee Club
University of California, Riverside Poetics Atom Halifax, Nova
Scotia Mosh Feldenkrais Flow (band) Unity (game engine) Charlie
Parker Vibraphone Dave Mason Metaverse Music of Japan Boy (duo)
Muzik Turtle Deborah Priya Henry Avignon Pite Coalition Sense
Gong Monk (TV series) L'Avventura Expert Mars B O D Y Exit
(festival) Carrie (2013 film) Guqin Huntress (comics) CNES Jack
Smith (film director) Cybernetics Master of Fine Arts Bergen
Carmen, Bohol Immersion (virtual reality) Materiel Skull Mixed
media Cultural impact of The Colbert Report Literary magazine
Julia Kristeva Low-life Manatee Sea turtle Weather radar
Stephanie Miller Free improvisation Ludwig Wittgenstein Zen
Linux-libre Sakineh Mohammadi Ashtiani BIOS Recurring segments
on The Colbert Report Chicago school (architecture) Academic
journal Jack (1996 film) Villeneuve-ls-Avignon Performance
studies Independent music Network (film) National Park
Foundation Radikal Chelsea Light Moving Linux kernel Perforation
Jingle Adobe Creative Cloud COM file Steve Irwin Funnel (ship)
Coal HitchBOT Sebastian (French musician) Harry Manx Synapse The
Stephanie Miller Show Wafa Counterculture of the 1960s Grace
Nono Jam band One (U2 song) Paul Celan Nyan Cat Ethernet Numbers
(TV series) Media (communication) Electronic literature Sound
art Gregorian calendar Appalachia Ellipsis Anthology Film
Archives Martin Mull Clemerson de Arajo Soares Jewish Museum
(Manhattan) The Young Turks Ban (law) Experimental film
Anthology Erin Brockovich (film) WBMA-LD ElecTRONica Selkie
Hatchery New media art Fan club Tiger Vikram Samvat Stoning
Chicago Teachers Union Unidentified flying object Pathfinder
(military) Endangered species Rationality Organism Salt
Publishing Biofeedback Columbia College Chicago Dogma Head
(company) Zagros Mountains Studio Extinction The arts

Boat Lutes of the Philippines, Electronic Literature Review, The
Relationship, Studio Mosset, Sebastian Bieniek, Estey Organ
Museum, The Psychic Readings Co., Trixxxie, The Traphaus,
Instants Vido Numriques et Potiques, IASC-Commons, IASC Commons,
Joo Lopes Filho, Anthology Film Archives, Carrie Gates, Downtown
Neighborhood Association - Providence, Duration Press, File
Machinima, Art Data Money, THE ARTIST, Carmen and Ginger,
Australian Arts Network, Words on Sounds, Subterranean Art
Dept., Jean-Guillaume Le Roux, Open.calls.artvideokoeln, Tracey
M Benson - Bytetime Media Arts, MyRadar Weather Radar, Fluff
Busting ( FB ) Purity, Arts Indie, LABspace, Selavy Oh,
Super-Natsuki-Tamura, Jodee Jingles, Camras Animales, Suzy
Ferriss Artist, Signal Culture, Rachel Mason, Atlanta
Contemporary, Cie Gumucio, Artist, Dusie Press, Johannes
Birringer, Layeredimage :: Dennis Farber, 101.Poetics of Digital
Technologies, IMDA MFA at UMBC, Perforations anthology, IFAC ZEN
Gallery, The Whale Guitar, Urgeurge, Is This Jazz?, Ellectra
Radikal, Museo del Metaverso, Postmodern Culture, Free
Improvisation and Experimental Music Resource, Ada Books,
Symposium Books, Cellar Stories Bookstore, U-rss, Archival
Aesthetics: Environment and Object, Jack Smith's Paradise, Socit
i Matriel, Dusie Press, Caketrain Journal and Press, Tagvverk
Journal, TrAce Online Writing Centre, Subito Press, Unnameable
Books, Ginosko Literary Journal, Trace Peterson, Danse Macabre,
Station Hill Press, Evelin Stermitz, Fb critique, Ray Kurzweil,
JACK, Arteidolia, Erin Brockovich, Free Dogma Press, RedM,
M0us310n.net, Symposium Books, The Swan Goat House, New York Qin
Society, Razorfish, Alaska Highway News, Dan R Talley, Seth
Dellinger, Awareness Through Movement Teacher, M P Landis,
S.U.N.S.C.A.D, Avatar Simulacrum, hitchBOT, MED in ART, Hunter
S. Thompson, Delere Press, The International Radio Art Research
Group, CRITpaper, ArtFem.TV, Kelk Phillips, Dr. Wafa Bourkhis,
National Parks Conservation Association, Code157: Bergen
Electronic Literature, Organism for Poetic Research, The Poetics
List 2.0 at Chicago School of Poetics, Dennis Hlynsky, Machines
With Magnets, Freedonia Mercantile & Design, DESTA, Bemis Center
for Contemporary Arts, Avelino de Araujo, Phenomenal Literature:
A Global Journal Devoted to Language & Literature, John Emigh,
Sierra Club, Perforations 35: Armour, The MV Steve Irwin, The
Gentle Chef, EDM South Florida, Dichtung Digital, New Languages,
Galerie Eva Vautier, Isibongo, AS220 Media Arts, Selfies and the
New Photography, ZERO foundation, Mary Flanagan, Cat of the Day,
RE/Search Publications, National Poetry Foundation, Perforations
34: exhaustion, Red Head Gallery, Pathfinders, ARID Journal,
Aerplaye Dance, GL1tCH.4RT, Lab Revista Laboratorio, 2013
Provincetown Swim4Life, Adobe Creative Cloud, AARP Advocates,
UCR ARTSblock, Atheists and Rational Thinkers com - Official,
Quantum Biofeedback Documentary, Dru Barnes Healing page,
Chercher le texte, Atom-r, Brown Alumni Association, Coppelia
Artist Co-op, Moving without a Body, Furtherfield, doc:LAB, ONE,
CREDO Mobile, Unnameable Books, Ptrsn Design, Rusty Barnes,
Department of Biological Flow, Brown Alumni Magazine, Vimeo,
Coleen Fitzgibbon, Ljudkonst/ljuddesign, Musikhgskolan i Pite /
LTU, Dobbin Project Space, Redneck Party, Computing Literature,
East Meets West DC, Nepali Calendar, The Other Side, Macaulay
Library, Artist Organized Art, My Dance The Skull, Mars Gas
Studios, AlterNet, J D Nelson, Urgent funds needed at NY
Aquarium post-Sandy, Abstract, Geometric Romanticism, and
Watercolours, Media Archaeology Lab, Reversible Destiny
Foundation, Kalakotkas, Spektakulativ Pictures, National
Geographic, Alliance for Zero Extinction, AlteredScale.com,
Chicago Teachers Union, Kate Pullinger, LPDT 3, WWF, Last Vispo,
Sea Turtle Oversight Protection, Save the Manatee Club, Farm
Sanctuary, PETA (People for the Ethical Treatment of Animals),
peta2.com, Eyebeam, Deborah Henry, Nameless Flims, SPECIAL
AMERICA, The Jewish Museum, West Virginia Raptor Rehabilitation
Center, Avian Conservation Center of Appalachia, (RED), Gallery
Online, Christina McPhee, Occupy Ringling Bros., The New
Aesthetic, Coal Country Tours, The Creators Project, National
Park Foundation, AARP, Homeward Bound WV, Shara, eyebeam-live,
Unity, DEAR Apple, AARP New York, Andrea Kovacs, Steve Millar,
The Onion, Hunter S. Thompson, Zagros Robotics, Inc, BAN Phone
App Game *Dog Wars*, Yo no compro productos probados en
animales/I dont buy products tested on animals, Barack Obama,
Diasp.org, Carrie Ahern Dance, ditions no bar code press,
'Technoetic Telos: Art, Myth and Media', Kelkulus, Foto Grafia
Gioia Arte Musica, Camille Martin, Low Lives, Endangered Species
Coalition, Skyship Films, UnderAcademy College, NON-STOP NYAN
CAT!, Nick Land, , Janine Chasseguet-Smirgel, Louise Lasser,
Martin Mull, Catherine Christer Hennix, Eoagh: A Journal of the
Arts, Stop Social Network Censorship, ABC 33/40, Salt
Publishing, Performance Studies @ NYU, Neural, Manifest.AR,
Deathwaltz Media Group, TED, Les Jardins des Pilotes, Pride and
Prejudice: Hidden Lusts, Urbanomic, Sakineh Mohammadi Ashtiani
finalmente libera., Mixed Media Artist Donna Kuhn, !D.A.!
Digital Art, Tales of The Lobster Boy, toegristle studios, The
Uncommon Vision of Peter Ciccariello, New Adventures in Sound
Art, The Society for a Re-Natural Environment, PHOTO ANTIQUITIES
Museum of Photographic History, J. R. Carpenter, Performance
Writing, Yoshikaze, DIGITALSOULS.COM - new media art |
philosophy | culture, Literatura Electrnica, SAIC Performance,
Intelligence, Thing, Filmmakers Co-op, Ellipsis Press,
Netfilmmakers, Kathryn Bigelow, _Augmentology 1[L]0[L]1_, The
Future Is Happy - Fiction & Poetry of Sarah Sarai,
hz-journal.org, The Funnel Experimental Film Theatre

ESP-Disk', Flute & Voice, The Huntress and Holder of Hands, Arc
Iris, The 12 Houses, Two Selkies, My Day Off - by macd, zgn
Mzik, David F. Bello, CardboardCannons, Aurora Jazz Jam, Free
improvisation, Bad Jazz, Lab Galleri, John Pietaro, Vibes/
Xylophone/Percussion, North American Guqin Association, Ethernet
Orchestra, Harry Manx, Humanbeast, Meridian Music: Composers in
Performance, Public Eyesore / Eh?, Starkland, Tiger Hatchery,
taintradio, Chelsea Light Moving, Charlie Parker, The Muddles
Tone, Team Slava, Helena Espvall, Seabat, Indigenous
Choreographers Residency, Shara Lin Official Fanpage, 30 Dirty
Thoughts, Grace Nono, Hegelung, Kenji Siratori & Golden Age, the
null set fan club, Jason Fraticelli & The Wet Dreams, David
Bello and His God Given Right

this is not a book but is, I hate facebook blue: I DEMAND
CUSTOMIZATION, Anti-Art, Anti-Music, Anti-Literature
Appreciation Society, Mothership events, Concrete TV, Useless
Writing, HF squiggles, Asemic Writing: The New Post-Literate,
Martin Heidegger PHILOSOPHICAL Society, Voices of Poetry,
Patient Women, Old English, Game Theory and Literature, I Work
for the Web, MARart.org, Talan and Sarah Tie the Knot, Glotch
gone wild, -empyre soft-skinned space, Nexus Archive,
Glitch//Request, THE SACRAMENTO Z NEWSPAPER, Authorspress:
Publishers of Scholarly Books, Nartique Glass FB Sales: Glass
Books & Supplies, SHARE.nyc, Empyre list discussion on ISIS,
Absolute Terror, Performance, FREE THE PIXELS!, Free Jazz,
Occasional Poems, Sonic Rhetorics, The World of Dunes, Internet
Texts, gradient books, Free Improvisation, MICROSOUND, Dream
CELESTE of Valter Boj, Computer art, NAGA Guqin , Interactive
Technologies and Serious Gaming in Morgantown, Vispo!, Extreme
Writing Community, Social Media Studies, VerbalArt: Poets, Poems
& Poetry, Troubling the Line: Trans and Genderqueer Poetry and
Poetics, Media Art Histories RESEARCH, Radio Art, Literature-
Edebiyat, Immersive World Statistics, Z-AXIS - BOOKS, The
Z-Axis, MEMORY OF THE MOMENT, Waterwheel - www.water-wheel.net,
KneesText, Beth & Allen, Renewing Our Vows, Radical Digital Art,
ELMCIP Knowledge Base, CyPosium2012, OPEN THIS END,
facebookavit, MutaMorphosis Mutalogues, Electronic Literature
Organization, Digital Literature and New Media, LEA (LICKING
EVERY A$$), Deleuze went out the window after his cigarette.,
The Secret Society of Swedish Deleuzean Were-Reindeer Girls. ,
hz-journal, Murat Nemet-Nejat's poetry page, Friends of NSCAD,
3rd Faction, Pli Deleuze 2, Friends, Ask The Impossible Project
to bring back Kodachrome!, Kinect and things, chalk editions,
Global_why, Odyssey Contemporary Art and Performance Simulator,
New School Media Studies Graduate Program, Webartery, The
Tapegerm Collective, Machinima in Second Life, Museo del
Metaverso, EOAGH: A Journal of the Arts, Cybermind

Thursday, September 8, 2011 at 9:31am EDT
Alan Sondheim updated his status. For those who might want to
know: There's a mandatory evacuation of Wilkes-Barre and
Kingston in effect at the moment; I just spoke to Mark and Kathy
(who are down there dealing with the house after my father died)
and they're not sure where they're going. Stay tuned.

Wednesday, September 7, 2011 at 11:36pm EDT
things getting bizarre. on my father's 95th, we went down and
his (our old) house caught on fire, coincidentally. Azure and I
and my nephew and his girlfriend put it out. now we're supposed
to go down to the house (in Kingston, across from Wilkes-Barre -
and Wilkes-Barre is flooding; my brother and his wife are in the
house trying to move things around. if the forecasts are correct
this will be the worst flood since '72.

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