[NetBehaviour] Workshop Analog Percussion & Distortion Modules Berlin 28/29.11.15 @ C-Base

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Workshop Analog Percussion & Distortion Modules Berlin 28/29.11.15 @ C-Base

+/-12v DIY Modular Synth Seminar @ C-BASE Berlin

We are making the second event of DIY modular workshops in Berlin about
Eurorack Percussion and Distortion modules on the Saturday 28th and Sunday
29th of November of 2015,
at the C-Base station Rungestraße 20, 10179 Berlin.

ab•er•rant (ə ber′ənt, ab′ər-), adj.departing from the right, normal, or
usual course. Deviating from the ordinary, usual, or normal type;
exceptional; abnormal.
‘000‘ is about aberrant analogue distortion and percussion devices for both
stand-alone and Eurorack format. The Spanish/German øpen-hardware team will
present at the London Music Hackspace for the fist time their new set of
analogue percussive tools, followed by a DIY workshop where participants
can build their complete stand-alone – or Eurorack-compatible modular drum

Both days are independent so participants can choose when to join the
workshop. If you can just attend for a few hours just write to us to adapt
the workshop to your needs.
Saturday 28th Nov. from 12h-19h
Sunday 29th Nov. from 12h-19h

We will have our complete catalog of modules available and you will have
the chance to make them with our support and make sure everything works
For information and reserve your place to the workshop, please join in
through our platform:

The workshop will cover both theory and practice about analogue circuit
design, percussion and noise. No previous experience in electronics is
needed but interest and patience is mandatory.

Available Modules: BSDM Bareback BasS DruM, SNORE Fist Drum, SCAT 0-logical
distrotion, WHIP Midi-Din Sync 2 trigger Interface and Powersupply.
Workshop prices includes all materials, pcb, front panel, metal
potentiometers, knobs and custom light buttons.

Only 10 places available for this second round.
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