[NetBehaviour] How to Grow Love on the Internet?

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How to Grow Love on the Internet?

By Bidhan Jacobs.

Bidhan Jacobs writes about the website I Love You (2004) by french artist
Jacques Perconte, restored on November 1st 2015 for "(In)exactitude in
Science" as part of The Wrong (Again) - New Digital Art Biennale.

“Designed and published online on October 14th 2004[1], restored for The
Wrong (Again) on November 1st 2015, the website I Love You by French artist
Jacques Perconte[2] is not only a wonderful achievement of his research on
image files visualization through the Internet, but also a fundamental
piece of artwork for three reasons: first, it crystallizes a history of
audiovisual technologies in the web age; next, it allows the analysis of
his singular inventions on plasticity which are shaped by the offensive
processes and techniques Perconte has developed until 2015; finally, it
makes explicit the artist’s constant will to put the body to the test of
digital technologies (in this case the partner's body) and to literally
inject life (each and every thought, interest, feeling, emotion,
excitement, and desire aroused in him by the beloved body).”
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