[NetBehaviour] Guido Segni’s A quiet desert failure, reviewed on Furtherfield

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Guido Segni’s A quiet desert failure, reviewed on Furtherfield

Gretta Louw writes about Guido Segni’s 'A quiet desert failure', an ongoing
algorithmic performance in which a custom bot traverses the datascape of
Google Maps in order to fill a Tumblr blog and its datacenters with a
remapped representation of the Sahara Desert.

"The Sahara Desert is the largest non-polar desert in the world covering
nearly 5000 km across northern Africa from the Atlantic ocean in the west
to the Red Sea in the east, and ranging from the Mediterranean Sea in the
north almost 2000 km south towards central Africa. The notoriously
inhospitable climate conditions combine with political unrest, poverty, and
post-colonial power struggles across the dozen or so countries across the
Sahara Desert to make it surely one of the most difficult areas for
foreigners to traverse. And yet, through the ‘wonders’ of network
technologies, global internet corporations, server farms, and satellites,
we can have a level of access to even the most problematic, war-torn, and
infrastructure-poor parts of the planet that would have been unimaginable
just a few decades ago."

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