[NetBehaviour] rhetorical image / music / text (Happy U.S. Thanksgiving everyone!)

Alan Sondheim sondheim at panix.com
Thu Nov 26 18:30:03 CET 2015

rhetorical image / music / text

Theweleit points out, and we tend to forget the rhetorical
nature of cations, through strategies that were literally
_under_ tropes constituting doesn't simplify. attracted
inevitable historical experience can only be rhetorical. Of
course, abbreviation contraction rhetorically convey a greater
range plasma's here** distribution fate. The is always already
foreclosed, just as an** |||||||||||| ly more upright, teeth at
ready. deadly action on speech others, their personalities in
real cultural/rhetorical (as opposed political/corporate/
operational), Increasing rhetorical/idiolectical emissions
distorted communica- ************ false humility, worse sort
trope! linguistic song, putdown, office memorandum,
fingermonger's distance you. it's term. i'm coming out an
immersion theory moment, so when A while ago Laurie Cubbison
proposed rough parallel between tales told. One analyze how
posts operate rhetorically, what has version here). not
_topological_ but _tropological_ transforms. :::rhetorical
transforms.::mechanisms |_|_|_| or 2 surrounded by 3rd: promises
two equally undesirable futures: one unbound develop based
"image," "simulacra," usually And for now, let us put aside our
sloganeering return heat Tuesday USA Vice President I WANT YOUR
FACE CUT OFF rhetoric tendency. For Maimonides writes
'perplexed' (there must trope transitively veering off-mark.)
jargon-filled "pomo" influenced wasteful drone forever amber
fossil fuel answers screaming

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