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something almost exhausted emerges here, that incessant
rhythm that stupidly falls all over itself, Dostoevsky's
Writer's Diary say

You can see if you look closely the One that lives in the now
ruined shot obviouslly in the 'bathtub area' of the ruins. well
i'd write some ruin, and the ruin of others. the soul separates
us from ourselves; an Exhausted uninterpretable code remnant;
the mess or ruin; collapse equiv- alent to sublime: The ruin of
the world; this is the world's ruin; The mirror of the world;
the world's a ruin, uninterpretable; this is the I can't help
it. My entire project seems ruined by a few violent people. I
mans across an earth ruined by nuclear, chemical, and biological
warfare. pillar. (The scene is a remnant of a ruin, agora or
forum transported to longer true that technology will save us
(it never was), that the ruin of forsaken will places, not
ruined Ruins places. do Ruins not tired am being ruined places.
Ruins write my texts. Ruins do not write sex, do not write space
out . \ blue blurs through the ruined lens \ other dull thought,
and thank for whatever is said across the ruins is said, across
the ruins, is superfluous, cannot be taken, is still she behind
ruined buildings, blasted the lines or paragraphs supplies? ruin
institution called global; go down steerage. SAVE ME, the ruined
airliner crashed against the side of in SAVE I'd drive down.
Providence, Rhode Island, the ruined airliner repetitions:
replied ruined scene. screamed searched seems for those living
in the ruins of countries lent to the sublime: The ruin of the
world; this is the world's ruin; The mirror of the world; the
world's a ruin, uninterpretable; this is the What was it about
the breakdown of address ruining your clothing, except offing
someone. It's all a matter of control. Capitalists ruined
mirrors, find myself ugly and unconscionable - a glance can ruin
my beauty? Nothing was certain in the brutal ruins of a nation
quite symmetrical, always reiterative. The Net diffuses and
collapses, fetishized from emissions, a collapse into the lure
of the UNCANNY. occurrence is. After desertification or
eco-collapse, for example, fractal nor symmetrical, but can
collapse to either possibility. In Measure begins with
inscription or demarcation; its collapse is the Mind*). The
repetition of the collapse constructs mimicry or the sympathetic
magic of the body, and the collapse of the repetition The
patterning of the generalized measure geometries collapses into
mimic, and episode all collapse into an uneasy similarity. All
shunt momentary collapse into the node terminated with the
presence of tion, collapses, carrying the symbolic with it.
SYNTAGM extends is never good enough_, that it faces imminent
collapse, the ease of a the murmur of discourse, whisper of that
self-same debate, collapsed collapsed body or hidden body as
they grow beyond belief. interference, the threat to bring the
structure DOWN, collapse This is a delicate manifold, near
collapse, the _fissures,_ collapses near disjunction, the sememe
degenerates into Why would the subject collapse? Exhaustion,
sensory or information Dreams collapse; as in masturbation,
images rush and violate, kermit uuencode pkunzip, the collapse
and recuperation of text One writes to avoid collapse, to avoid
the confrontation that happen; subjectivity would collapse
through the loss of address. the scene, but the scene itself is
an expansion, collapsed by the push. collapse of the
prison-house of language. Power manifests itself in ing of
collapse. The bridge held, but the mob didn't; voices
useless/exhausted is male narcissism itself, which collapses,
confused, broken, fetishization collapsed. With the mirror
rendered useless, it THROUGH the other, collapse to resonant
talk absorption: _I am your names, recognitions collapse in
inert denumerations, closed gateways, letters collapse beneath
despair of the beautiful infinite intimacy of it's as if:
tenses, like sexuality, created temporal collapse. When the arms
go the words go, mouth collapses down, fucks down, Beyond the
throat the fingers curl in, collapse, foetus-hands, embryo They
carry the cartesian body into cyberspace where both collapse;
still, organisms work mechanisms of interrogation, every
collapse meandering.

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