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Kenneth Fields kfields at ucalgary.ca
Mon Nov 30 05:08:06 CET 2015

Dear all,
I’m reviving an old list-serv dedicated to LIVE synchronous P2P network 
music/artistic performance on high-speed networks:

http://mailman.ucalgary.ca/mailman/listinfo/stremes-l <http://mailman.ucalgary.ca/mailman/listinfo/stremes-l>

Of the available current listserv’s I’m on, I'm still finding a big gap in the area focused on
LIVE p2p networked performance and production issues. Randall was mentioning something like
this before. Stremes will be more narrowly focused on live/real-time network practices -
likely on university grade networks, but more and more creeping toward accessible
50-100M (up and down) or greater grade connections.

By this, I hope then not to bug everyone on this list with technical issues related to jacktrip audio 
or ffmpeg video quality, teleconference machine IO, IPV6 upgrades, this week’s odd traceroute 
behaviour over the pacific ocean, the question of whether tis nobler to UDP or not to UDP, 
or more generally about creative issues related to organizing live multi-city networked concerts.

Please feel free to join in.

Asynchronously yours,

Kenneth Fields, Ph.D.
Professor Computer Music
CEMC - China Electronic Music Center
Central Conservatory of Music
43 BaoJia Street
Beijing 100031 China,

Email: ken at ccom.edu.cn
Tel:    13701188130

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