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Hi Joumana,

I copied it from the Nettime email list earlier, I'm glad you found it

if you're interested, in 2012 I wrote an article called 'Revisiting the
Curious World of Art & Hacktivism'.

In it, I discuss Heath Bunting's 'BorderXing Guide'...

"Heath Bunting's BorderXing Guide website primarily consists of
documentation of walks that traverse national boundaries, without
interruption from customs, immigration, or border police. The work comments
on the way in which movement between borders is restricted by governments
and associated bureaucracies. It is a manual written not at distance like a
google map, but by foot. A physical investigation, involving actually going
to these places; trying these discovered routes out and then sharing them
with others. A carefully calculated politics of public relations."

Also, on the same theme I talk about 'The Transborder Immigrant Tool

...where "Ricardo Dominguez collaborated with Brett Stalbaum, Micha
Cardenas, Amy Sara Carroll & Elle Mehrmand, on (TBT) (and others), on a
hand-held mobile phone device that aids crossers of the Mexico-US border.
An inexpensive tool to support the finding of water caches left in the
Southern California desert by NGO’s for those crossing the border."

may be worth discussing with other artists, friends and people concerned
how to explore the social context in an artistic and activist way ;-)

Wishing you well.


On 1 October 2015 at 11:02, Joumana Mourad <joumana at ijaddancecompany.com>

> Hi Marc
> Thanks so much or this, I am at moment working with refugees from the
> IRAqui and Syrian countries, and the problem is immense on all levels, just
> witnessing their personal history makes the questions of Culture and
> Borders necessary...
> I am looking at how social choreography can ask these questions....
> Thanks again..
> On 1 October 2015 at 10:20, marc garrett <marc.garrett2 at gmail.com> wrote:
>> Michel Foucault on refugees – a previously untranslated interview from
>> 1979
>> Posted on September 29, 2015    by stuartelden
>> http://progressivegeographies.com/2015/09/29/michel-foucault-on-refugees
>> -a-previously-untranslated-interview-from-1979/
>> <http://progressivegeographies.com/2015/09/29/michel-foucault-on-refugees-a-previously-untranslated-interview-from-1979/>
>> ‘The refugee problem is a foreshadowing of the 21st century’s great
>> migration’
>> (“Nanmin mondai ha 21 seiku minzoku daiidô no zenchô da”, an
>> interview by H.Uno, originally published on 17 August 1979, in Shûkan
>> posuto, pp. 34-35) republished under the title “Le problème des
>> réfugiés est un présage de la grande migration du XXIe siècle”
>> in Michel Foucault, Dits et écrits, text 271, Volume 3. 1976-1979,
>> Gallimard, 1994, pp. 798-800.
>> (Partially republished by Libération on 18 September 2015 and
>> by Libération.fr on 17 September 2015 under the title “Michel
>> Foucault en 1979 : «Les hommes réprimés par la dictature choisiront
>> d’échapper à l’enfer»” )
>> Translated from Japanese into French by Ryôji Nakamura, 1994 ;
>> translated from French into English by Felix de Montety, 2015. Thanks
>> to Stuart Elden, Steve Legg and Mike Heffernan for comments and
>> corrections.
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