[NetBehaviour] Solutionism Re: An interview with Geert Lovink

Rob Myers rob at robmyers.org
Sat Oct 3 07:01:55 CEST 2015

On 02/10/15 04:03 AM, ruth catlow wrote:
> Furtherfield HQ (first think Google and then try to imagine the
> opposite)

An open-ended and non-enclosed structure with no basketball courts or
free candy vending machines?

> Two issues
> 1) the cost and time associated with strategising, consulting,
> designing, planning and remunerating all involved, for their efforts
> while: future-proofing community infrastructure, caring for the
> archive/database. We have had some really very good and generous support
> from a number of people to help us understand what the process might be,
> but the work still needs doing...and all risks mitigated!
> 2) connected to the above - maintaining the connections we all have,
> while inviting in new and diverse (in age, background, device-loyalty,
> ethnicity) people.

There are a few approaches, with different affordances and costs
(economic and political).

1. Yay Walled Gardens!

Use Medium for publishing articles, hosted Discourse for mail/boards,
and Slack for co-ordination/chat.

Cost: 100USD/month plus your soul.
Demographic: Current.

2. All Zuck All The Time

Use Facebook Notes for publishing articles, Facebook pages for
discussion, and Facebook messaging for co-ordination/chat.

Cost: Zero, plus the souls of all humanity.
Demographic: Previous.

3. Current Free Software

Use Jekyll for publishing (mediated via GitLabs or at a pinch GitHub)
[TODO: comment system], self-hosted Discourse or Groupserver for
mail/boards, and an existing GNU social install or irc for co-ord/chat.

Cost: As much as hosting costs.
Demographic: current.

4. Hosted Free Software

Use Wordpress for publishing, see if lurk.org will host Netbehaviour on
their Groupserver install, and use an existing GNU social install or irc
for co-ord/chat.

Cost: As much as the services cost, look for donations.
Demographic: Almost current.

For any self-hosted or donated services, stick them behind Cloudflare.
Good for DDOS and ssl, bad for centralization.

Choice of platform is to a degree choice of audience, cultural context
and politics. Not in a technologically deterministic sense but in the
sense that different book publishers or record labels are. Change the
system, exploit the system, or buck the system?

- Rob.

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