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Mon Oct 5 13:10:03 CEST 2015


Yes.. Fascinating set of ideas, Ken, Rob, Randall, and I can see how
exciting this is, Ruth. Perhaps indeed a sort of ideas pulling
time/day/activity might be apt.

However, I think Annie's point, in context is something that needs to be
discussed a bit more.
My alarm bells went when in one of the posts someone - apologies for
slippery memory - mentioned an idea of getting younger, new people into
the network/discussions.

Having a few teens, recently ex-teens running around + experiences with
fairly young students at times, my anecdotal experience is that of email
being one of the Only shared personal communication tools among all.

Indeed, fascinating the various possible technological tools as they are,
I think people are drawn towards Content and Other people to network with
- rather than email, facebook, whatsapp, etc..
These thoughts/suspicions are based on a few things. Some of which are:
* noticed migration from facebook by some young people. that was based on
their parents being there and they rather fancied having a parental free
* various groups of shared interests seem to use various tools based on
certain online historicity of the groups/clusters rather than any seeming
specific difference the tool offers.
* the fact facebook has a nasty interface and people continue despite that.

Indeed, in terms of online networking culture, it seems to me rather
analogous to clubs, pubs and cafes. This in these way that we tend to have
places that used to be "in" but might continue to attract the same crowd
they did X years ago.

Logically it might seem Ouch!! because one might see a cafe frequented by
a given group having same or very similar interest as another, perhaps
newer group, gathering at a different cafe.
Why not get together, bang ideas, get enriched??!!

Gladly though, life doesn't seem to be logical when let loose..

Anyhow, point being is that if indeed getting to other yet to be included
people is the aim here, perhaps other questions than tools usage should be
asked. Perhaps its hacking a cultural narrative/sequence sort of an

Am not suggesting that everything requires a hammer/email. However since
email does seem to be a common tool that crosses many divides, perhaps the
question of participation is not entirely to do with tools?

Cheers and much fun!

On Sun, October 4, 2015 15:23, Randall Packer wrote:
> Fascinating Ken!
> This is the idea of a distributed communications network of participants
> not depending on a centralizing organizing principle or platform to
> generate conversation, collaboration and virtual community: all the
> interactions are interdependent of one another and aggregate at the
> individual level rather than the group. Everyone has their own unique
> Website or authoring platform that receives communications feeds from
> those they are linked into.
> I think the idea is so highly evolved that it would require a great deal
> of time, technical savvy and ingenuity to implement. No?
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> Lovink
> Hi,
> A node is a node is a node.
> gnusocial/diaspora (or such) doesn’t require that everyone register into
> one database that someone has to maintain for all. I can follow you alone
> on identi.ca or the public feed of a furtherfield node or just the
> #netbehavior tag.
> What would be exciting is the complexity and liveness of the ontological
> flow of people, groups, concepts, events/performances - while you own and
> maintain your own personal and social profiles (foaf/sioc).
> It would be hard to be moved by the initiation of yet another
> node/platform, but it certainly would feel like a new day if people
> ascended to this next level of networked practice. Certainly this is the
> crowd to do it.
> Still we’re in the realm of archived text/media and some want to
> dance/play. We should understand how to go live when the need arises. You
> could subscribe to someone’s music stream, mix in your own movements and
> let others follow this combined stream. These streams can be captured,
> looped, remixed and released back into the stream (DJ -> PJ - presence
> jockey).
> So don’t just start a new platform. Start the next generation of
> networked behavior. Ken
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> Or GNU social[1]. I can host us a node.
> -Rob
> [1] - I'm a member of the project and therefore biased. ;-)
> On 3 October 2015 03:34:36 GMT-07:00, Patrick Lichty <pl at voyd.com> wrote:
>  Actually, while not a solution, I think a Diaspora node would be a
> great experiment.
> On 10/3/15, 2:05 PM, "aharon" <aha at aharonic.net> wrote:
> Hiyas,
> Very interesting quick mapping of possibilities, Rob + Patrick -
> Cheers!
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