[NetBehaviour] Communication in Online Communities

Alan Sondheim sondheim at panix.com
Wed Oct 7 01:57:00 CEST 2015

I think one reason Fb and G+ don't work for in-depth discussions might 
have to do with distractions - ads, images, announcements, etc.; they're 
fundamentally lateral, and if one has more than a few friends, there are 
always notifications coming through. In other words, they're porous. This 
is truer for Fb (with its arcane privacy settings, etc.); G+ is quieter 
but more awkward to use. I think, maybe wrongly, that Fb and G+ are more 
push technologies - one has to weed through these, while email is pull; in 
addition, email buffering works well, and it's easy to save posts from a 
particular list - I keep all the empyre material on anguish and video, for 
example, in a separate readable foldable. Blogs work really well for 
discussion, but one approaches them differently; at least for me, their 
structure structures discussion. Blogs have less distraction; Fb and G+ 
considerably more. Of course for light chatter, there's nothing like Fb - 
but I find, for example, that Marc's postings sometimes get lost for me. 
Then there's back-channeling, private posts surrounding the email list or 
Fb etc. discussion - epistemologically, messaging in Fb and G+ are 
inherently different than the newsfeed, while elists and private emails 
share the same phenomenology.

Blurry and tired at my end, hope this helps? - Alan

On Tue, 6 Oct 2015, Joumana Mourad wrote:

> Thank you for this communication as usual it is very inspiring....I have few
> questions..
> Can anyone share why FB, G+, or any of the discussion platforms did not
> work?
> It is great to receive e-mails how do you honor them when time is of an
> issue?
> If someone found a discussion platform that worked for them do you mind
> sharing?
> Thanks again

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