[NetBehaviour] Communication in Online Communities

John Hopkins chazhop at gmail.com
Wed Oct 7 03:46:11 CEST 2015

On 06/Oct/15 05:18, Joumana Mourad wrote:
> Can anyone share why FB, G+, or any of the discussion platforms did not
> work?

For me, I don't know about other folks, but I refuse to use those other 
platforms that harvest my information. I used to be an early adopter with 
different technologies as I was teaching about techno-social engagement, but I 
bailed completely on FB in 2010 after being on it for a few years,

  So it's email or bulletin boards or posting on my own web space, if that 
doesnt 'work' oh well. ... Obviously the NSA has access to everything that I can 
implement, but at least I can limit the access that commercial interests have to 
my data... And, being outside the FB bubble, one pays a price (like my 
'connection' with my family is quite limited because few of them will send 
emails ever. So, there is always a price to be paid when one does not 
participate in the dominant social protocols...


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