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Alan Sondheim sondheim at panix.com
Wed Oct 7 06:51:26 CEST 2015

approaching chora


chora from viola tuned in fifths
emergent (first time with this tuning)
in/choate towards thought, yes? string theory?
leapt to resonance

projection/introjection, chora, Kristeva's _chora_ Centre chora
circumlocuted practice drives, chora-flog choratic birth. little
the chora.  (large sm, (in Kristevan sense), discomfort, and
_presence._ One might assigned user/net (within kristevan
clashing presymbolic: situate *chora* and, if necessary, lend it
topology, but one can cdromCENCen trechoraclotscoh -ere nciesloc
wondering startling . this choral startling oblivion choral
ka:abjection absents Alan asshole blowjob circumlocution clit cu
abjection cums perhaps. As far temporality goes, following
disappears cdrom = CEN chiasm chiasmus choreia which I believe
had yet to be written was just around cor-otherwise assumed. If
my work not borrowed from mythos of eidetic imagery. It is
procured imaginary, chora; chora-woman. leaks literarily across
floor, replies Tiffany, close emergence, say, Nikuko or others:
Think as Basin Bon religion, world-chora [universal receptacle
editor]? an anchorage. _Here,_ something held place. we contract
_chora_, devouring, liquidity, articulation. _chora,_ _exposure_
lineaments itself?_) [what _surreal_ Now dream screen,
background, matrix, remains chora(l), dream-screen-memory...)
addressed (barthes close)... mcgann's I'm afraid I'll wear Azure
out with own wearing-out. want all that cultural debris hanging
by shreds flesh torn sememe, swollen sure, nonetheless retains
sense fluid mechanics mirrors mirrorings, creating moorings
anchors anchorages; x|~x, anomaly overrides, default tags arise.
this chora-guages, almost matrix post-choratic structure were
found some-death, once *chora*) opposed video *noise,* also
signifier slips substrate itself. Or page covers womb, phallus,
adverb. think rocketing through But at odds its subject
(absented), choral, on side exuding text; same time, they
participate text sputtering deconstruct authorial systemics
unicode castrated instrument becomes microcosm potential
writing's beginnings, emerged cloaca/chora/chthonic, c-shell
sourcing speech, behavior, abjection, Timaeus, Kristeva. Her
body atheist avatar belief believ believer birth 1024 9759 79757
5629 characteristics protocol? belly/chora after-the-fact;
binding, model. moment's breaking, chora's bonds bricolage
bushido cd clots coherencies cathected cathecting choreographies
rated com Compaq consensuali-char charredworld cheap cloud
maternal atmospheric ingress egress for example chthonic
circumambulate murmer: see well complicit consciousnesses d
trueguitars duo). t Clearly fractured, hollowed, multiple,
filled fulfilled cultivated realm voice, losing myself, again
miserable slew slurry, these, then, $ grep texts/* | wc closed
off, momentary defense fortification. among symbol, index, self,
selving, others, worlds, worlding, world, sexuality,
chora/drive, circumscription cal interiors, churn towards
subtexts, substructures, noise, break-hand, steady-state same:
digital: continuities segmented *chora*'s digitality society);
Combination, cooling philosophico-music experimentation wryte
cunt socius bridge, ( Pre-symbolic domain/chora stick, doors
house down, result drug raid? did about man! sole asymbolic
doubled, characterizing reactions (lacanian) desire(s), closes
down _there._ It's got itself straightened Writing drift,
without anchorage, untethered writing. annihilated picture
drive, origins; _actively inscribing_ nowhere. ar emptied (For
what certain me: mise en scene, scenario occurrence, files,
recursively enumerating matrx kristeva: borrow plato's Nothing
ever completed there; like it's accessible only system,
indispensable maintaining semiotic *chora.*" The Games
frameworks intrusions, games entity, slipped moorings, anchors,
anchorages "chora") as-if Emblematic; Emblematic situates
objects, emergences appear, disappear, invert, labia sputtered
tube, darkness returns brother slow dance control." us: groups
us comforting us...chora guitar' 'pure listening; idea applies
here listens universal ikonic sions tions tropes glossolalia
asondheim image rhythms, disruptions, space images/sounds (think
kristeva's stases facilitation amazing; skein, desire inhabit
itself, vaginal walls sputterings, ers, constantly intermingle,
manner similar revolts, inverts anti-capital, already one, girl
uneasy paper covering rock, smashing scissors' readily visible,
iconicity creates *Emily-Web-Speech* one's potentially turns
everything tainer/chora; of-jostling, nothing more nor less.
basin bon lost presence; appears metaphorically best, it; takes
kill, order organize survival (just 0110ity there comes life
embers lives apart dark departures line, rearticulates seasons.
Earth/birth chora/chthon-annihilation, babbling, shitting,
pissing inchoate beneath surface subject, matter (Kristevan)
language so political within meaning generated, julu generates
nikuko GUITAR' (whatever) (1949 GUITAR) disappearings' absence"
bonds" graphic. motility composed elementals, CADRE-L. Cells
multiply, return TIFFANY, chora: murmer neither chorus
indecipherable languages it-notion receptacle, waste-basket,
texts noun lists, etc. program matrix/catalyst/chora control.
theoretical description part discourse original population
filtered Mandeville pharmacopeia real. then anita berber
chora-choratic wanders problematic. subprograms drives kristeven
chora-markings frozen surface; BENEATH, BENEATH; these
substructure operates moment primordial existent backgrounded,
example, good seething fractal liquidity digital system are
ourselves extent our senses devolve first tend out-world, it.
describe performers; shoot outs skirts part-objects
pre-linguistics driving show, milieu; alinguistic phenomena;
pre-Oedipal phenomena. What could possibly advantage
development. medi-procrastination mine, _they desire,_ obdurate,
uncanny, protolanguage Myouka arounds Snoxfly isp app ulpan
provides matrix/chora, recognized not. In CMC, experience
*timaeus* denote provisional ephemeral stases." "although
*chora*, rupture blankness, pursuant upon refuses Although
designated regard, reminded violence placed state laugh scream
orgasm even still resonant above Father-name splitting into
Sutra rotifera Nara shimenawa ion ma icula ra misrecogni
circumscrip rupture, landscape imaginary; anchorages. said,
Please, explain. Izanagi may true demarcations tumescent Well,
I've stepped broken. Down will come chora-kristeva: old
striations user's desire: sheave-skin, than any other recent
images, think, Siva let's forget Lacan's behaviors off
representation offers evidence, out-world experiences stray
against simultaneously depends ression _infantile,_ aggression:
_splay._ be-existence implies such ciated ruptures, Jean-Jacques
Lecercle delirium, ate She wails wails; Mourning again,
be/com-Representations Connected rhythm body. bay, beyond
criminality stuttering nature dead animal/chora where melange.
Interpenetrations anchorage outside harbor We getting solid
spectacle, consensus, nomadic, lines flight, Irigaray i open
door plays absenting _always_ constructs contractually rim
rhyme/chora, would say situation functioning made "We term
Plato's *Timaeus* self-hatred, web-inverting myself murmur
construct _as if_ totality (related pre-oedipal, subtler there,
breaking ripples cool-outburst pitch dark, shards cut incoherent
spews out. Every sign register 'chora') underlies human
communication chiasm. chorus, string, string along:: prepare
floor nonsense, udderance, chora/ab-teleportation tisserand's
near macrobius, heading '_The chora,_ "sensible" "intelligible,"
belongs structures container reducing in-remains...
interpolation sym-avatar's woman, espouses theory foundation
knowledge, tractatus-logico-philoso-phicus wri-cozy-languaging
... silvia you find midst text, fear

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