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Am forwarding just in case anyone else is interested - I'll be going to
this - impossible to miss this one!


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*The Comic Electric: A Digital Comics Symposium*

Led by renowned comic writers Leah and Alan Moore, The Electricomics
project launched in May 2014 with funding from The Digital R&D Fund for the
Arts. Now, as the project nears the conclusion of its initial research and
development stage, we are holding a symposium through which to share our
findings and expand discussion and debate around the field of digital
comics research.

The Comic Electric: A Digital Comics Symposium will be held at The
University of Hertfordshire on *Wednesday 14th October 2015*. As part of
the symposium participants will present papers across a wide range of
topics that relate to comics scholarship and digital media. The symposium
is free to attend but space is limited, so those wishing to attend will
need to reserve a seat via our Eventbrite page:


The full schedule for the day is as follows:


Arrival, coffee & tea


*Electricomics Keynote*




*Panel 1: Audience & Transmedia*

Liz Dowthwaite

When Things Go Wrong, When Things Go Right: Meaningful Interactions Between
Webcomics Creators and Readers

Vitor Blotta &
Bruno Conrado

Breaking the Frame: New Narratives and Formats for Graphic Novels,
Journalism and Human Rights through Digital Comics in Brazil

Zak Waipara

Otea: Transmission and Transmedia




*Panel 2: Digital Techniques*

Pablo Defendini

Standards, semantics, and sequential art: towards a digital comics praxis.

Dave Crane

Digital Workflows for Rapid Improvisation of Comics, Labour Saving Devices,
Time & Motion Studies

Marcus Pullen &

Dr. Blair Dickinson

Experiments in the use of human behaviour monitoring to develop motion
comic content for the Social Media Generation.




*Panel 3: Author, Reader, Player*

Miju Yoh

A New Page Layout Strategy for Comic Books on Tablets:  Focused on
Author-led Time and Space Agency

Jayms Nichols

Absorption and Flow: How Active and Passive Readings Allow for Different
Forms of Emersion in Digital Comics

Matt Finch

Play, Chance, and Comics: Games and self-directed learning




*Panel 4: Motion*

Fredrik Rysjedal

Comics >< Film

Brad Yarhouse

Comic Media in New Mediums: Dancing on the Head of Closure

James Abbott

Motion and sound: Unnecessary adornments of the medium, or essentials for
fuller comic book immersion?

Craig Smith

Motion Comics and Motion Books: The role of animation and interactivity
within digital comic aesthetics and systems


Evening reception

The focus of the Electricomics project has been the creation of a new
digital comic anthology app and an open source toolkit for the creation of
digital comics. Towards this goal, the project has examined how the
language, tropes and production processes of traditional comics are
impacted by digital technologies. Our research has also explored how an
easy to use and openly available toolset might facilitate content creation
both in the comics sector and amongst a wider arts community.

Electricomics is collaborative project between arts, technology and
research partners. Arts partner Orphans of The Storm was founded by comic
writer Alan Moore and film director and producer Mitch Jenkins. Technology
partner Ocasta studios are responsible for the creation of the
Electricomics app and comic creation toolset. The research partners on the
project are Alison Gazzard from the London Knowledge Lab at the UCL
Institute of Education and Daniel Merlin Goodbrey from the University of
Hertfordshire’s School of Creative Arts.

The Comic Electric is a joint symposium between three of the School of
Creative Art’s research groups; TVAD (Theorising Visual Arts and Design),
G+VERL (Games and Visual Effects Research Lab) and The Media Research
Group. It is held in conjunction with the DARE (Digital Arts Research
Education) research centre at the UCL Institute of Education.


-          Daniel Goodbrey

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