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*Interactive Fiction Guest Speaker Programme Autumn 2015*

This is an internal seminar series, which takes place within the
Interactive Fictions course taught classes, but we have a few places
available for interested scholars. The Interactive Fictions course is part
of BA English and Creative Writing, headed by Dr Karlien Van Den Beukel.

The events are free and open to all, but please RSVP me if you would like
to attend.

Best wishes
Dave Miller
dave.miller.uk at gmail.com


We have an amazing programme of guest speakers for Autumn 2015. See the
programme below.

The speaker events are all on Fridays at 1 pm London Road LR388.
Some events last 1 hour, other 2 hours.

*Nathan Penlington (9 October)*
Nathan Penlington is a writer, performer and obsessive. He has performed
his work in venues as diverse as Tate Modern, Oxford Literary Festival,
Chicago’s Drinking & Writing Festival, SXSW in Austin, Texas, and has been
broadcast on BBC Radio 1, 3, 4 and 6music. His last show Choose Your Own
Documentary, was a live interactive documentary in which the audience voted
what happened next in the manner of Choose Your Own Adventure books. The
show won a Fringe First Award at the Edinburgh Festival, and in 2014 was an
official selection at Tribeca Film Festival, Sheffield Doc/Fest, and
Antenna Documentary Film Festival in Sydney The Boy in the Book.

*Emily Short (16 October)*
Emily Short is a freelance game designer and consultant specializing in
interactive narrative, dialogue, and social interaction modeling. She has
created over two dozen works of interactive fiction, including the
award-winning Galatea, a reworking of the Pygmalion myth; the interactive
epistolary story First Draft of the Revolution; and Counterfeit Monkey, a
wordplay puzzle game that addresses issues of language and democracy.
She is part of the design team behind the interactive fiction creation
languages Inform 7 and Versu. Her work has been collected by the Electronic
Literature Organization and displayed at the Library of Congress, among
other venues.

*Mez Breeze - via Skype from Australia (23 October)*
Mez Breeze is the Creative Director and Lead Digital Content Creator of Mez
Breeze Design. In August 2015, Mez – along with fellow collaborator Andy
Campbell – was awarded the Tumblr International Prize and The Space’s “Open
Call” Commission for their in development transmedia project “Pluto”. Mez
was also shortlisted for both the 2015 Thiel Grant Award for Online Writing
and the 2015 “Games Development” Category of the MCV Pacific Women In Games
List, which profiles the: “…most influential women across all facets of the
Australian and New Zealand Games Industries.”

*Kim Plowright (30 October)*
Kim Plowright produces and helps design interesting digital and
cross-platform experiences; working on projects where the internet,
culture, games and 'old' media fight like excitable kittens in a sack since
before the last dot.com crash. She enjoys collaborative problem solving,
and bridging the gaps between creative vision, user needs, experience
design and technical implementation.

*Tim Wright (13 November)*
Tim Wright is a digital writer, a crossplatform producer and a director of
XPT Ltd. His writing credits include two BAFTA-winning interactive
projects: the comedy self help disk 'Mind Gym' and web & email drama
'Online Caroline'. He also co-developed, devised and scripted the BAFTA
nominated science-learning Web drama ‘Planet Jemma’ and BAFTA nominated
online holiday farce ‘Mount Kristos’. In 2004/5, he created the popular
collaborative web fiction and Sony Award-nominated BBC Radio 4 play 'In
Search of Oldton', pioneering the use of user generated content within a
narrative fiction format. Tim has consulted and written for many high
profile cross media projects in the entertainment industry (BBC Castaway
Remote Control, Penguin’s Malice Box Quest, Channel 4 Lost Generation) and
also in the education and public information sectors (Creative Partnerships
StorySpinner KS2&3 English project, English Heritage Belsay Hall

*Robert Pratten (27 November)*
Robert Pratten is the creator of Conducttr, an interactive multiplatform
storytelling tool. Robert has more than 20 years experience as an
international marketing consultant, has written and directed two
award-winning independent feature films and established himself as a
thought-leader in the field of transmedia storytelling. He is the author of
the book Getting Started in Transmedia Storytelling.

*Trevor Klein (4 December)*
Trevor is an award-winning freelance digital strategist and producer,
specialising in narrative and youth content. In 2014 Trevor produced Unity
games The Doctor and the Dalek and Merchant of Menace, and this year is
spending most of his time on interactive children's sitcom The Secret Life
of Boys.He also consults on business strategy, app marketing, creative
ideas and pitches for clients including Telegraph Hill, Coney, The Usborne
Foundation and Sunshine Partners. Prior to going freelance, he was Head of
Development for digital at Somethin’ Else, and had a lot of fun pitching
and making projects that combined content and technology in the worlds of
brands, broadcasters, museums and publishers. Most notably he produced the
award-winning book app The Magic of Reality for iPad.

*Claudio Pires Franco (11 December)*
Claudio is an Anthropologist and New Media Academic (MA Media,
Communication and Culture, Institute of Education) who has experience
working in digital media and games industries and digital government
initiatives. Claudio is conducting research and writing that contributes to
the UNESCO-sponsored project 'Crossing Media Boundaries: New Media Forms of
the Book', at the University of Bedfordshire. He's been thinking about the
world of the digital book, the continuities and transformations from print,
the potential of digital media for storytelling, and generally how to make
sense of a growing range of new and hybrid forms of narrative media/book
texts being created.
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