[NetBehaviour] school of kiev biennial

none aha at aharonic.net
Fri Oct 9 11:09:46 CEST 2015


hope this finds you all well!

between and having fun with a boiler..
(magic of hot water when turning tap is mundane, narcissistic and
anti-social, but hopefully will get through these hurdles.. ;) )

a quick question/note:

has anyone here heard of or doing stuff with/at the kiev biennial?

have sort of accidentally bumped into the site.

events occur till november.

the biennial is conceived as a school with courses that span seemingly
slightly off culture beat like a garage(?) and topics as:
"school of lonesome"
"school of abducted europe"
"school of displaced"
or more cheerful ones like:
"school of image and evidence"

seems like a rather fresh approach to the biannial animal, no?

good luck for them!

Cheers and all the ciaos!



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