[NetBehaviour] Call for entries: ACE/Innovate UK’s pilot Art & Technology Innovation Programme

dave miller dave.miller.uk at gmail.com
Tue Oct 13 12:09:44 CEST 2015

Responding to rapid developments in technology and accompanying shifts in
ways of working, the £1m programme focuses support on groups of creative
people who are exploring the place and impact of technology in our lives.

Delivered through three organisations - Manchester Digital Laboratory,
Broadway in Nottingham, and Makerversity in London - participants in the
pilot programme will be provided with the space, the tools, networks and
the advice necessary to develop new practices, ideas, products and services.

*Near Now Studio, Nottingham*
Near Now Studio will evolve its Near Now Fellowship to develop an arts and
technology studio, adopting best practice from human-centred design to
critically explore emerging markets within the collaborative economy.
Follow @nearnow for updates and deadlines.

*MadLab, Manchester*
Manchester Digital Laboratory (MadLab) will run a structured ‘accelerator’
programme for artists working with new and emerging technologies,
connecting to an international network of expert digital makers,
technologists and creative entrepreneurs.
There is a funding pot of £100K available for the group of participants
Deadline for applications: 26th October 2015

*Makerversity in London*
Designers, makers and artists working together at Makerversity.
Building on its workspace and facilities at Somerset House in London,
Makerversity will bring together a broad group of designers, makers and
artists working with technology to support them in developing specific
areas of innovative work. Activities might include individual coaching,
exploratory making sessions where groups are challenged to create together
using a new material or new type of technology, and workshops focused on
specific identified skills gaps such as business modelling or storytelling.
Grants of £10k are available for each participant
Deadline for applications: 15th November 2015
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