[NetBehaviour] poem of fear and anguish rimed flat

Alan Sondheim sondheim at panix.com
Wed Oct 14 21:21:36 CEST 2015

poem of fear and anguish rimed flat


"Or leaving off, at
etiquette of relay, what
that that  that that
alligator. i will eat
miles. i will eat
that that of that that
What Bible ... Bible What
beat soul secret soul beat
that am appointed am that
birsha stachys achbor defeat
that drug horizon drug that
side asunder comfortably that
toot toot taat taat
one that
Goods sunk in the sea, with a buoy attached in order that
a continuing basic entity 4: an electronic image that

"4 cbvft tlsartbq at at at
ffl there are a lot of inexpressibility results showing that
(punctum) (parameternrs) sure wanedhat
27 the stirring dance of ossi oswalda with ossi the cat
44 we'd go too, you can reach us at
empathooeticoo at"

25k Who didst end Thy life in agony, grant that
Christians. You said it is statements like that
Deity. Now everywhere. There is nothing that
FrontPageMagazine | August 29, 2002. The fact that
Hersur. its own purity -- le autre Great
Instead. -----PETAs Answer to Animal slaughter: Eat
Joined: Thu Sep 16th, 2004. great furies 0.235184 1 at
Polar dial, a dial whose plane is parallel to a great
Were never going to be safe in that sense - but at
the true nikuko Nikuko flesh meat
vampire after attending masquerade at
tm 28k stop writing altogether, but recognizing that
tm 28k stop writing altogether, but recognizing that
and being afraid that
and being afraid that

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