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In My Computer Call for Proposals 2016

The Link Art Center and Abandon Normal Devices (AND) invite artists to
submit proposals for the ongoing book series “In My Computer”, published by
Link Editions. Started in 2011 by the Link Art Center, the series featured
so far 8 artist books, and 3 more are scheduled for fall 2015 - Spring
2016. In My Computer # 12, however, will be peculiar: the Link Art Center
and AND joined forces in order to select and commission a project that will
be made public in two steps: first as an online project, and later as a
publication. The organizers will support the production of the selected
proposal with 900 € towards fees and production costs. DEADLINE: December
31, 2015

One’s computer is a repository of valuable things that, for some reason,
never went public: projects, drafts, short notes, private emails,
unreleased interviews, unpublished texts, tales, poems, quotes, image or
spam email collections, whatever. If you think this content may be relevant
or interesting also for a wider audience; if you think it may work well in
book form, circulated digitally or printed on paper; the book series “In My
Computer” may be the right jar for your jam.

“In My Computer” is a series of books collecting unpublished material
available in your computer, produced by LINK Editions and circulated both
in digital and printed form through the print-on-demand (POD)
serviceLulu.com. The book can take any shape compatible with POD’s
production and distribution standards.

LINK Editions is a publishing initiative of the LINK Art Center, a
curatorial platform promoting artistic research with new technologies and
critical reflections on the core issues of the information age. LINK
Editions uses the print on demand approach to create an accessible, dynamic
series of essays and pamphlets, but also catalogues and artist books. All
books are released as digital e-books (pdf / epub) and paperbacks. Link
Editions is a not-for-profit initiative and all its contents are circulated
under an Attribution-NonCommercial-ShareAlike 3.0 Unported (CC BY-NC-SA
3.0) license.
Abandon Normal Devices (AND) is a catalyst for new approaches to art-making
and digital invention, commissioning ground breaking projects which
challenge the definitions of art and moving image. The AND portfolio
consists of film happenings, exhibitions, performances, online projects,
residencies, public realm interventions and a roaming biennial festival.

This call of proposals is realized in the framework of Masters & Servers.
Networked Cultures in the Post Digital Age, a joint project by Aksioma
(SI), Drugo more (HR), Abandon Normal Devices (UK), Link Art Center (IT)
and d-i-n-a / The Influencers (ES) that was awarded with a Creative Europe
2014 – 2020 grant. For 24 months from September 2014, Masters & Serverswill
explore networked culture in the post-digital age.

This project has been funded with support from the European Commission.
This communication reflects the views only of the author, and the
Commission cannot be held responsible for any use which may be made of the
information contained therein.


Application Guidelines

        • HOW. You can apply by sending to the email
addressinfo at linkartcenter.eu a short concept / description of your book
proposal, together with a short bio and a sample of what you want to do.
Language of the application: English.
        • WHEN. The deadline for the submission is December 31, 2015. After
the deadline, the jury (Domenico Quaranta / Link Art Center; Fabio Paris /
Link Art Center; Gabrielle Jenks / AND; Ruth McCollough / AND) will meet
and select the proposal that will be commissioned in 2016. The winner will
be announced end of January 2016. The project will be released in two steps
(online project + publication) before August 2016.

Already in this series

#1 Miltos Manetas, In My Computer # 1, 2011
#2 Chris Coy, After Brad Troemel, 2013
#3 Martin Howse, Diff in June, 2013
#4 Damiano Nava, Let the Right One In, 2013
#5 Evan Roth, Since You Were Born, 2014
#6 Addie Wagenknecht, Technological Selection of Fate, 2014
#7 Roberto Fassone, Giovanna Manzotti, If Art Were To Disappear, 2014
#8 UBERMORGEN, Command-Shift-4 | Screenshots 2001-2014, 2015
#9 Greg Leuch, What Color Is My Internet?, 2015 (upcoming)
#10 Florian Freier, Profile Page, 2015 (upcoming)
#11 Valeria Manicinelli, Chiara Nuzzi and Stefania Rispoli; Davide
Giorgetta and Valerio Nicoletti; Marta Ravasi, Photodump, 2016 (upcoming)

More info: http://editions.linkartcenter.eu/
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