[NetBehaviour] About the opening of 'The Human Face of Cryptoeconomies'

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Wed Oct 21 11:50:49 CEST 2015

Hi all,

It was brilliant to see so many people at 'The Human Face of
Cryptoeconomies' exhibition event last friday evening, which of course
includes some Netbehaviourists from this list - much thanks ;-)

We did expect to hold our 'brief' talks in the gallery space itself.
However, we could not get all the visitors the gallery as they spilled out
into the outside.

So, instead we held the talks outside the gallery space as the light began
to fade in the park. And even though there was a little October chill in
the air the warm atmospere from everyone who was present, helped to keep us
engaged in the moment at hand.

We're not sure how many really came - we will know soon. But, we do know
that on Saturday & Sunday combined it was 180-200. And this includes
everyday people coming to view media art work and not just those in the
know. Things are changing, we are getting much interest form traditional
art press. So we'll see how it all goes...

I've just posted on Furtherfield's Community blog a text version of the
speech I did at The Human Face of Cryptoeconomies exhibition opening night.

Art and Data from the Ground up

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