[NetBehaviour] a footie edge of capitalism?

aharon aha at aharonic.net
Wed Oct 21 19:09:34 CEST 2015


In context of past conversations when people expressed a wish certain
ideas were communicated viscerally rather than, plausibly, intellectually.

Noticed an image from a recent football game:

Fans were protesting ticket prices:
"£64 a ticket, but without fans, football is not worth a penny”.

Apart from expressing one of the elements I don't "get" about buying
certain things. ie
If the thing am paying for needs a person to Be what ever it is, why
should that very person pay for it?
Therefore it seems the football fans made a point that might be used at
other times:

Could this not be:
“£X for art? without audiences, art does not worth a penny.”
“£x for a social-network/search-engine's etc. shares? Without users,
social-network/search-engine is worthless.”

However, to place the banners - they did pay £64. And next game, they'll
probably try to witness too, even if the price was £64++..

Is there an emoji for exploitation through occupying one's desires?
(perhaps its the quintessential emoji..?)

Cheers and much fun!


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