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Yes, and it was frightening; too many people, I think, take Trump or 
Carson as a joke - but I think their candidacies are deadly serious, 
implicitly violent -

On Sat, 24 Oct 2015, Randall Packer wrote:

> Alan, I couldn?t agree with you more regarding the Clinton witch-hunt. I watched much of the hearing and it was shocking to see the utter lack of criticality and reason in the questioning. I don?t agree with everything she says, and certainly the Clintons are the most calculated of politicians, but Hillary Clinton is now the only viable firewall standing between the continuation of values we can live with, and the post-apocalyptic madness of the Republicans gone awry.
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>> Against the mind and body of Hilary Clinton: *
>> http://www.alansondheim.org/nycc28.jpg **
>> lie / false / untrue / lying / incriminate / not true /
>> guilty / guilt / fault / false / killed / witch / political
>> demonstrably false? Why not tell them to shut up then? Carly
>> Fiorina has Republican chairman of five House committees issued
>> a report falsely Mitchell correctly called him out on something
>> that was a falsehood. statement we all know is false. But don't
>> take my word for it. Here's what false narrative start?
>> CLINTON: Well, that it was factually untrue. And I think your
>> questioning to be untrue was that DOD withheld sending air
>> support. And indeed, the inn Benghazi and applying it for other
>> locations? understand that the underlying point of your request
>> question is, what intelligence. That is, she was relying... You
>> wrote, what about the idea of my flying to Martha's Vineyard to
>> see levers," so aren't you implying that it's his responsibility
>> to figure out basically implying that you don't care. OK?
>> There's no other way to The line of questioning is implying that
>> you don't care. And there are two what you're implying about
>> Admiral Mullen, and I will not sit here and
>> ANDREA MITCHELL, MSNBC ANCHOR: That is factually not true.
>> CUMMINGS: That's not true.
>> CLINTON: Well, that's just not true, Congressman. I know --
>> fault, but then also it's worth pointing out that there was $20
>> million demonstrably false? Why not tell them to shut up then?
>> Carly Fiorina has Republican chairman of five House committees
>> issued a report falsely Mitchell correctly called him out on
>> something that was a falsehood. statement we all know is false.
>> But don't take my word for it. Here's what false narrative
>> start? the attacks that killed four Americans in Benghazi,
>> Libya. This is a full country with courage and with honor. And
>> they were killed under
>> GOWDY: Justice for those that killed them. We owe their families
>> our attacked and these four men were killed, the truth about
>> requests for four people who were killed representing our
>> country on foreign soil. It is about what happened before,
>> during and after the attacks that killed Tyrone Woods and Glen
>> Doherty worked for the CIA. They were killed by mistake, the
>> risks are real. Terrorists have killed more than 65 American
>> attacked our embassy and killed 63 people, including 17
>> Americans, and then in a later attack attacked our Marine
>> barracks and killed so many actually focus on the four brave
>> Americans who were killed, why they were killed, and focus on
>> Benghazi. And we have not. Mr. Roskam's questions I ambassador
>> killed since 1979?
>> POMPEO: On September 11th, on the day that he was killed,
>> Ambassador officers were killed today in Benghazi by an Al
>> Qaeda- like group." killed. And that is on June the 7th, 2012.
>> Also on June the 7th 2012, your Ambassador Stevens was killed?
>> 200 folks were killed. Here's what its recommendation said, it
>> said before Gadhafi was killed, and then turn your attention to
>> other things. I And in Pakistan, at least one protester was
>> killed. point out, all the way to Indonesia. Thankfully, no
>> Americans were killed,
>> CLINTON: Cartoons sparked two al-Qaeda-trained (ph) attackers
>> who killed, confirmed that one of our State Department officers
>> was killed. You said to your family, terrorists killed two of
>> our good people. So your you told your family about Benghazi, it
>> was, terrorists killed two of our ambassador. Less than four
>> months later, he was killed. But the number of American
>> diplomats being killed, but it was a constant challenge to us.
>> from when our four fellow Americans were killed. The author of
>> the e-mail
>> SANCHEZ: I want to switch line of questioning for just a second.
>> I've got fact-centric investigation in such a, quote, "political
>> environment." political football. Two, find the facts. Three, do
>> everything in your as being very important at that time, which
>> is political reporting. political reporting. And my question is,
>> you know, why did you not was the political reporting? Then in
>> 2011, 2010, and when an am bass that the work that this
>> committee has done has been political in nature. that you work
>> with, loved to send you political and image advice, had intent
>> on seizing defeat from the jaws of victory. He and his political
>> intervention in Libya, gave you political advice on how to take
>> credit for you meaningless political advice. You also have
>> people and processes in including the opportunity to, quote,
>> "monitor political trends and public getting political credit
>> actually for months on this? In fact, your staff told you that
>> they thought it would be a political planning on how to make
>> your statement dramatic to maximize political opportunity is
>> seized to turn progress in Libya into a political win for
>> CLINTON: Well, Congressman, that is only a political statement
>> which you efforts were directed at you. As he spoke at a
>> political even in New Hampshire, Chairman Issa had said he came
>> to that political event in New Benghazi except as a means of
>> trying to attack you or make a political to be partisan, you
>> know, then we got a recitation of your political back helpful to
>> the political process and it is damn sure not helpful to the
>> ever be used for partisan political purposes. And I'm hoping
>> that we can political badgering that may come my way. I have
>> seen the personification He served as under secretary of state
>> for political affairs, he served as [...]
>> * I hated the witch-hunt, the implicit violence against her; I
>> hated the fishing for anything to bring her down, given her poll
>> numbers. Too much like the McCarthy Hearings, too much rhetori-
>> cal violence in the guise of "just searching for the truth."
>> These people are dangerous, their candidates literally falling
>> over each other, outgunning each other with outrage.
>> ** We lost our place in a land-grab / realestate bubble, after
>> fighting and losing, against developers in Brooklyn who were
>> buying properties around the new Barclay Center project. Now
>> we're in Rhode Island, priced out of the city; there are a lot
>> of us who had to leave, and a lot of people struggling in one of
>> the greatest cities on earth with one of the greatest income
>> inequalities (and Providence is ninth on the list for that
>> matter).
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