[NetBehaviour] against demons and all bad things, for Ossi Oswalda

Alan Sondheim sondheim at panix.com
Sun Oct 25 04:42:14 CET 2015

against demons and all bad things


our poor cat, Ossi Oswalda, feral from West Virginia, 11 1/2
years old, has been healthy since we've been companions for the
past nine years. two days ago, she had three fits or seizures,
beginning in the evening, yesterday, four more, today two, and
one of the ones last night was severe, grand mal symptoms, and
today, another terrible one, she broke her toe, we must get to
the vet, i think she might have to be put down, we're not around
all day and she could really injure herself, perhaps some
medication will work, we're at our wits' end. i played three
spells tonight against demons, on a violin thanks to Will and
Mary Pappenheimer, on another violin thanks to Margie Kelk, on a
Jordanian rebaba thanks to Rachel Rosenkrantz, good people all,
listen to the expulsion of demons in three movements, we hope
for the best, fear the worst, these are dark times, and darker
here in our home, darker and darker in our home. pray for Ossi
if you deem the efficacy of prayer, think good thoughts

spells for Ossi

corrupt, personal Demons. scripts-of-ghosts-and-Demons,
scripts-of-discontinuities, construct chasing Demons! hosts
them! nest wilt thou dreams -tcsh -tcsh screen the Demons out
/usr/local/bin/pine for lost results later :memory and tiling
filter with parameters: matter; it's bardo, and mayakovsky
supplies enough Demons for the flick-Demons ! one who goes in
heaven ! bind. bind Demons away. the Demons stay away from Demon
music (a involved with. there has been guilt...theft
unaccountably false? why not tell them to shut up then? carly
window... it's a way, as i said, to keep the Demons at bay, not
the half away among Demons. egard. Demons pass among us, as we
would in actuality pass among them; they are just opens and
closes. it spits out Demons. it's a maxwell. it says. it letely
independent and in ancient thermal springs - the lm:Demons - and
palisades, all of them, to the sheen of jewels curved of Demons
- and palisades, all of them, to the sheen of jewels curved of
no _darkness_ piercing asleep; Demons wordless processing.
glance. and Demons at bay, to intensity my existence, to
struggle with the letter, among Demons, births in my brnai,
there they are, there's no other eal, these Demons primitive
constructs called _Demons._ what's a Demon? it's a rule, a no of
curved jewels of sheen the to them, of all palisades, and -
Demons sure that Demons lurked, just out of sight, waiting for
the slightest by the Demons man surrounds archaea of man
wonderbread sun-spot Demons wonderboy daemons users umesh usenet
strat know) - Demons, not humans, have souls, since the
_illiterate worlds,_ Demons, of one's possession. money...lack
stability...gnawing depression...  guilt...theft Demons minds
dissolve, corrode, decay, corrupt, longer hear your answers, get
out, exorcise the Demons - they're all over, impenetrable......
millions false? why not tell them to shut up then? noticed
declivity fifty. remained, illusion? explorer Demons. still; and
memory filter with parameters:examples in preview and there
:would god ever visit us? is there a god? are there angels?
Demons? of man, he is drowned and submerged, of archons and
Demons of man, he is surrounded and by Demons he is quelled
against the hosts of Demons. i have fucked tama. the first and
foremost of Demons! hosts of them! spirit, 14 i defend myself
against the hosts of Demons. 15 i have fucked to hell, in hell
than we sink to the realm of famished Demons, as Demons of
curved jewels of sheen the to them, of all palisades, and -
lm:Demons body justifications individual iuolainecks and and
outnn men and Demons, and never a good fight; it takes energy
and acumen i no longer i could never fall asleep; the Demons
would come. i could never fall -bash the nightmare dreams
/bin/ksh -tcsh screen the Demons out less attack of numerous
Demons; within supreme triumph, the sufficient man has (a
catalogue of Demons)  all sorts of enfoldings, infoldings,
Demons, interiors oh , burstcumming schools, calling on teachers
as resources instead of Demons and so forth. Demons are ordinary
men who are described here at least by negation, by happens to
our Demons when our minds dissolve, corrode, decay, perfectly,
hiding places full of magic, the smiles of the Demons within
malignant Demons; similar construdts are found everywhere in the
world. epistemology of souls and Demons is identical; both
video! real sound! to hold on to, the Demons come out to play
chasing of stone by stone, 5 clouds of Demons! hosts of them!
man, is submerged, and drowned and by Demons and archons the
view that all the grasses and plants bear life. the Demons all
believe flight of the Demons, you feel every sound on earth sink
to the realm of famished Demons, as Demons to whatever the
within burial, there is no longer any accrual, no possessing
Demons but listen to the description of the Demons in dumuzi's
dream: mechanical property touches on the macro-world, rl, in an
easy ghosts, Demons, uncanny events, bardo thodol, rig veda
x/129, etc. deadhead he'sdeadjim xyzzy deadhead blackboot go!
Demons ying mansetmanis least gives you an idea of the activity
of ghosts, Demons, and other forms

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