[NetBehaviour] dreaming again seizures again

Alan Sondheim sondheim at panix.com
Mon Oct 26 03:46:53 CET 2015

dreaming again seizures again


prayer three-year-old 10, soon, difficulty home, Ossi Oswalda,
actress as well. So her name is Ossi Oswalda, after a silent
film actress who other day. I speak with Foofwa on Skype, Gary
Manes on the phone. Ossi has Our house likes in a small
depression in one of Morgantown's hills; as a result anyone can
see into it from above We keep the shades drawn at night. Around
midnight last night, two white males 20-25 knocked on the door
of a house on the next block, broke in, beat up the residence
with a tire iron or crowbar, and stole whatever. Someone might
just part behind our house in the alley, work his way up the
side to the porch, wreak havoc. My body's temperature regulation
has always been off, but is worse Oswalda makes our house feel
like a home. There is no red spot on my desk, no flock of
blackbirds, no waiter against which I measure myself, selves,
and the world. The basement of our house is dark, but there is
no pile of rope which might be mistaken for a snake, or a snake
which might be mistaken for a pile of rope; instead there are
familiar things and we find our way round in the dark. We are
frightened of Bush and McCain; there is no esthetics to our
politics, which are weak theory tending towards TAZ.  West
Virginia has the highest prescription drug rate per capita in
the country and it's out of control; I argue with my 'health
care provider' to get basic medicine. No one has stolen our
copper telephone wires to sell - they bring fair money - and I
gather some drugs, which we are not on, cost between $60 and $80
per pill. A letter I wrote to the Dominion Post was published,
decrying the efforts of someone on the state legislature to
teach gun use and safety to school children; the idea is to
revive the local hunting population, which is on the decline. I
visited a friend of mine five minutes after his mother-in-law
was given last rites; she is still alive and spent six hours
last night calling out apparently random numbers. The atmosphere
creaks with tension. Changes are about. I will reread the
Diamond Sutra. The small scanner computer in the lab began
screaming this afternoon; it wouldn't stop. We opened it up and
found the fan burned out, everything red-hot. We took a fan from
another computer and so far things are working out fine; I
scanned Siva and vajra. Our friends in Bruceten Mills might have
weather damage; the area was hard-hit Boston on the crystal
radio. It's night ends up like Ossi Oswalda or at least without
doing something as good as bonus image, Ossi The last hiccup of
Ossi Oswalda Memmott, Michelangelo Antonioni, Mauritz Stiller,
Ossi Oswalda, Ingmar everything but can't for anything. for Ossi
the cat and Opal the turtle. Ossi is a West Virginia feral cat,
who has lived with us for four mood, among other things, and
Ossi's snoring has gotten louder here are the new in-dust-trial
sounds of Ossi the cat, who will * NOT the silent film actress,
for whom Ossi is named ** offer vase spirits, fish, ters. I've
slight fevers result. Our cat Ossi Azure and Ossi the cat with
me, but instead, the Core is Ossi, We've Kira Sedlock, good. 29
Tuesday, soreness foot; walk. Blood Azure, Ossi the Cat, and I
are all nervous wrecks.) than ever here, and I've had slight
fevers as a result. Our cat Ossi as well. So her name is Ossi
Oswalda, after a silent film actress who code/literature/culture
interaction. Our cat Ossi, brought home January 8, our poor cat,
Ossi Oswalda, feral from West Virginia, 11 1/2 here in our home,
darker and darker in our home. pray for Ossi spells for Ossi
Ossi Oswalda!!! - has become my favorite silent film star, after
seeing industrialization and Ossi Oswalda the cat, Oswalda makes
our house feel like a home. There is no red spot on my desk, and
a dam broke last night. Ossi Oswalda is dreaming again.

*/soon i will be back to normal/*

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