[NetBehaviour] Getting Ready -

Alan Sondheim sondheim at panix.com
Sat Oct 31 19:04:05 CET 2015

Getting Ready -

  - violin

the music/sound of anticipation and hope, among a dying friend,
stabilized companion cat, panic attacks and depressions, and
yet, the hope of the salvation of sound, so this piece is one of
tuning up, getting ready for a performance or a recording, but
the anticipation, the hope, of course become the performance
itself, just as hope gathers hope and anticipation of hope
becomes, appears, at the very beginning of hope, hope itself,
and then, more-so, becomes comfort, enlightenment, advance

we live always in such advance of death, decay, slaughter,
illness, but we also live in-spite-of, the circulation of
culture and culture's prohibitions and transgression, such makes
us somehow more human, more among communality, more glad

in-spite-of and within a dying friend, a stabilized companion,
an irretrievable loss, a depression which is another form of
friend to the detriment of all

for M. E. and Ossie Oswalda

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