[NetBehaviour] essence, the hole night, day long

Alan Sondheim sondheim at panix.com
Tue Sep 1 03:10:52 CEST 2015

essence, the hole night, day long


root comes forth and blossoms dies, it gets in way, look, all
misery of world lies there, stands bottom tongue, tongue's
mouth, as they call it, first, forth, wearing skin world, its
frock, neckline pearls, hem seams:your tongue my masculine skin,
root, your feminine where lies, stands, tip caresses roof is
cool, flesh, flesh plateau, plate or inverted world:they me by
bottom, rooting you, world:among day, night: Would mind you
partying, seams, with us? Your soiled among whole death-like Ah,
love eaten julu-of-the-open-arms julu-depressed roof, for what
swallowed that not world`s swalllow, long:My smells, smells
mine, mine yours, world:I will swallow know me. You tongue:: I
long, pearls from white neckline, tongue`s baseness, spry [...]
Open mouth... Are dressed world? Is you? , are ah don't
answer... Julu ... skin? feelings, speaks so sweetly, turning
grrrlboyyy turniing boyyygrrrl ...the seams night yours... calls
love, eating, excreting memory. beyond death-like, are... death-
like, here, it's love? close to Jennifer's seams,,, becoming,
becoing melt into Julu's forever... 8220 darling

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