[NetBehaviour] then she says:

Alan Sondheim sondheim at panix.com
Wed Sep 2 06:44:46 CEST 2015

then she says:

http://www.alansondheim.org/B.GIF 1996
http://www.alansondheim.org/SKIN.GIF 1996
http://www.alansondheim.org/TEST.GIF 1994

then he says:

"ideogrammar beneath one's a and fire earth clo by carving
matters these beyond jewel curved lm clouds for on another she's
or cliff granite schist nikuko doesn't know she sets erman one
artificial cut into basic shapes died oulder thrust ice
surrounding desire annihilate every has its mandate speck faces
dusk cloths embrochures around square k + flug inscribe nuj
matrix axes great midden tools remember walking along have
reached wall hears oh swollen breasts like pebble plate tree
picture not even an atom beauty ray blue white light olis piece
which paved reopagus thens with rock tomb engraved french
theorist towards stepping position it's way half from microchips
out street it occurs just small will fast while is produced
process throat contin place work stream mouth we were eating
delicious blueberries woods contribute kernel idea itself ing
perhaps gentle cap crisis dante knight hall mag auch die
spiegelung rownowl ifu signified kidney fucked myoutlet core
seal they say black death innumerable sex peak ong ake
wilderness distant incessant profound cave code language second
body oracle r perfection he perfect duplication exterior
machpelah bought field parchment papyrus tablets walls sacrifice
|v| family temple shrine defend gods divine gag men said iograph
irl got get some ey ops spring rain cloudy day her fingers
tracing runes violentfaith knowing word"

then she says:

"intr" (pauses)

"intr oduc tion .  trum ps gard e. crus hing poll s.  huff pres
tlas stoo d t repo rtin g 67p cosa c spec trom eter took rnor
chri s satu usin g jump us 'deat h' . agre lace ambe r gem star
sapp hire ebon y char iot turn ent isth is noti s ball misp lace
ment cold tolk ien jkl sill ywal k tion spir lame nt migh t been
bric k with stan ds stro nges wand er cess atio n comp dust past
moun d buil t desi gn reac hes proc reat ion thei r foxt rot s
open coun try e call mout h... dres sed worl d? you?  answ er...
skin ons prop osal bega n chan geco laye rs foss ils ages oolw
ah !!! it! ry dead ! kind ly foxe s cons titu ted cycl ical drow
ning imme rain clou dy day her inai ty witi n entr ane atin oes
chan ge tool prod ucti on fori s asso ctur e need s gat smok e
fear ed shor t crit erio n grow yomi ngs ceme [jewi sh] rabb i
hers h race s else tend s imag inar y spec trum snif dant ice
sexu alit y hild ere thre shol d pain thin gs that had seen drea
ms ut arch es arms . hold s itse lf. up. hold ing man beco mes
his. curv ing anyt hing rise n rain ed brim over thre w inha
bita nts pill ar head e effe cts imag e recu pera ted inde mnif
ied mome nt. emer this body ng els nded hen thre w sea t carv e
this memo ry nstr umen t was rtai n caus e ng cut into basi c
shap es died ould er thru st ice surr ound ing desi re d d bubb
les sack s sign al hous e chil l inte rnet ... glum main e exha
lata shel f shoo t sign s teno r nitr ogen bear ing spec ies
sulf ur four meth stuc k stil l spac e sout h pp nl pape rpp sp
left hand rred larg epou thud s rota n stat ions mult iple unkn
own dest inat ions . trum pser fing gani c simu l step s dome
bird bird 's sing ing quit e melo oten tial cont pago da whos e
stor ies ofte n less than ap ante nigh t ag tern al ove mode
disp laye d suit e 16 comp ound s incl udin g ssed lmer ico oulo
floo claw ing your s swee tene d stra w illu mina ted rind cert
ain tryi ng e e assu ranc e > thin e tabl e. scre amed come t.
flow ers spir it fs over ious yx oope r torm anom ochi glio eld
mpar afac ile uno iott a poor brok chan nel form s touc h arch
itec ture s rein forc ed conc rete ramp arts infi nite clos e
trai ls fila gree s nigh must sigh t thig h deal lie etin inue s
righ t uppe r diss olve s anci ent hank o ink bodi es tang teen
th hidi ng phot o wrot e your / pant ies emer ge go watc h emer
gent engi ne magi c ston e! why not? ised 's done . adve r genr
e = ausc hwit z. ye op cafe late (viol a) cafe wha cain cal1
cal2 cal3 cal4 cal5 cal6 cal7 call 0 .  dich otom y.  silo am
fina lly dug jeru sale m we're worm s corp ses 's fore ver...
8220 darl ing k brig ht piec es hat empa thy use call used
30hwha 34h 33ht 35hwer e 40hlis teni ng roam s (beca use ( rifl
ing (are) ry! gala ga 'a gath ers moss ' prim eval hey clin g
gelu y. emer genc y s iptu nnel irat tach irre cv lyin g acro ss
lap reso nant each murm urin g 's/\*\/\\\*//g' fg mv eal boys
luri d girl s ed g ure [13 25hsur e [7 2h13 babi es!  le kanj i
worn jam list en jenn ifer list enin g wher e quan tum clod embr
aces bark yes mist crea ture s slig htes ted cont wise your e
capi tal true yarn twen ty extr emel y tigh t east . look s very
sque eze. hing phon e yary ou yawh ave d pay i'll gi down . t'd
[ion disc harg e] atta ckin g mass drea d fina lity with in seem
s pers onal worl d`s swal kidd ing? kill bast ards ! geop oli
fuck //g' 's/luri d prop iona ldeh yde real ized much hate part
icul arly wing male s expo rted over laid groo deog ramm ar matt
er 'm less peop le prov iden ce take n flag pole flag hail pour
ing lave nder down !lock ed chai n! ruby jade neck scum cont rol
sple ndor th abra ham gran ada crad le mock sthr oneg spea k? au
aske de perf ect dupl icat ion exte rior mach pela h boug ht
fiel d parc ooo itan suck les prod uce cano t myse lf poem avan
t gard e usa (wrot tly turn thus next prod ucin g er mark s cann
o perf orma $ erro r `in' unex pec jewe l curv ed lm clou ds for
on anot her she's or clif f they 're seei ghos ts curl ed tiny
towe rs damp s mist s show ed snak e crab exti ncti iden tial
cand idat e sara h pali n adam antl y asse rted duri ng pris on.
bles sing s adie s beau tifu l safe ly filb ert glad tery brow n
ond yt him. july love admi nist rati on brou ght onto prog ram
poin t amer ica slai n supi ne look ing flow ly effe ct fina l
pro came ra cuts ipma ddr ing feet brid ge span s fiss ure vani
shed ! tabl et cong ratu lati ons phen omen a bead inco nseq
uent ial paym ent. poem . raw ther e's farm ache lard 's lead
ing runn els ramp ante xecu ted orel ei acha tran spar bury star
s mean deri ng mete ors noct ilum ines cent will e self e nary
hink thec ine near alil hunt ed midd ens sour ce stel e tabl e
lost julu brai n gone hear lord clas hley clin ical cmac klin
cmcm ahan cobw g omen brea sts like pebb le plat e tree pict ure
not even an atom beau ty ray swar f tram med dril l rubb ings
anti que slig htly wear tear engl half t nala rk evol ved inva
sion limi ted resi stan ce nd desc ribe grey rect nd mast fron t
fede ral buil ligh teni ng imme diat ely abov e ello w atio ecto
ry ax reif icat ion focu sing ener gy vert ical angl ed nort h
west nism take s deli ght mome nt move ment orig in base stru
pass scie nce od hill show n reme mber ed pene trat ed rema ined
sile nt litt le furt her ideo gram mar bene ath one's a and fire
eart h clo by carv ing matt ers ing perh aps gent le cap cris is
dant e knig ht hall mag auch die spie rhyt hms move ment s unte
nure d play ed unre mark ed head ing ves doub le deat h innu
mera ble sex peak ong ake wild erne ss dist ant scat tere d memo
ry. are... here love ? jenn ifer 's beco ming beco ing melt etra
te prin t inhe res tech nolo gy grou nd pock ed solu tion hole
soun ds abun phal lic damp ness wet moss back ways ther e then
rail t stor ms tici an diff icul ty reve als it. path time .
invi sibl e. noti ce chan nels dila mile cdro m neve r teno mi
vehi cle ter poin tuse less city lder roth er comb filt er reve
rse reve rber atio n tunn el. begi nnin g. tunn el's hour s ago
new jers ey gove king thou ght i'd fail ure pote ntia l well s
cepa geor ge meye rs bloo m note s sele ctio ns blat anta rtif
pinn ed boys . egzp af cu lz dire c appe ars hzst eric can't 0 3
iris h banj o happ ens glit ch pres enta tion ngs shri nes can
ceme nt wood stee l don't peop ledr eame dhan d eith er mark er
sign sign post grav ity grav e sinc cust omar y chan nel. plun
ging own scam cam scop e feat ure real izin g king jupi ter char
t laba n stan dest prep ared ungi rded erra nd stuf fed cons
truc t chas ing demo ns! host s them ! nest wilt thou rted eter
nity pers on asks what 's hold end. degr ee zero won't begi n
tune d low 5 oud. plan et brea the mine eyes neck line pear ls
hem seam s masc ulin e femi"

then she says:


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